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4/27/2012 c1 An
Aw so sweet :)
2/13/2010 c1 5CuriousContradiction
Aw. I get really annoyed when people say that in real life, but this was very sweet.

And I like the way the names sound together. They just fit well together.

Anyway, this was cute and funny and yes, it was cliche, but I liked it the better for it. We all need a bit of fluff in our lives, and I think this definitely hit the spot. (Wow, I sound soo lame sometimes.)

It did remind me of A Cinderella Story a little bit, but hey, it's not like that had an original plot either. You put a good spin on it by making it your own and I enjoyed reading this. :)
10/6/2009 c1 2whitecrayons
3/9/2009 c1 13blurrylights
This was so sweet! I loved it, I really did. :)
1/13/2009 c1 6Masquerade hide your face
aw. that was so cute. I really liked it.
1/10/2009 c1 Sheebs

12/20/2008 c1 DLETE THIS OLD
this is so sweet :)
12/17/2008 c1 2EnchantedKorean
Hey. I don't know why, but this story really reminded me of "A Cinderella Story". It was cute though!
12/17/2008 c1 9Lily Llynn
Oh geeze incredibly cute/fluffy/cliche. But well-written, and heartwarming and a little overly cheesy at the same time. But it's okay. Fluff is good for the soul. (:

I'm very glad artistic dreamer added this to our c2. (:
12/16/2008 c1 1BlackNBluNWeirdAllOver
I loved this story! It had interesting characters, and it was a bit predictable, but I guess that just cuz I'm a hopeless romantic and know every sort of plot inside and out and up and down. I had a very nice ending. Thanks for the read!
12/16/2008 c1 x3life
aw this was so cute! =)
12/16/2008 c1 stars123456789
this was lovely :)

so sweet and just aw this has put a huge smile on my face, i wish life was this simple 24/7
12/16/2008 c1 Oly
It's nice but the ending did remind me a lot of Breathtakingly Gorgeous (I think it's called that way) anyway it was still lovely =)
12/16/2008 c1 lemon-mint-tic-tac
Aw..sweet...i wish love is that simply...
12/15/2008 c1 NoieD
While I love the characters, I feel as if Avery was a little mean to drag out the end for so long! I think he's been quite transparent! Nice and fluffy, though. Thank you!
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