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for Thanks Nature, so, We Will Take Care of You Too

5/23/2012 c1 15Natari Mirumura
Very beutiful and true! Only if all can read this poem and uphold nature as a responsibility. Very well written, amazing job, keep it up .
5/22/2012 c1 7LovelySocks
Powerful and sweet. I like the simpleness of it, yet there's also an implication of complexity. I think it sends a powerful message of not only how we should take care of our Earth, but also why.
11/4/2010 c1 1Tsukimori Kahoko-chan
True. Mother Earth is suffering from Global Warming and Polluton. I just wish people will stop doing bad things to Earth. Earth never did something wrong to us yet we humans keep on destroying them. Especially Pasig River.
12/21/2008 c1 1Ocstasia
Hello Miyano Ran, I'm Unknown 2008 known as The Silver Sky Princess on fictionpress! Anyways, this poem was very good! You really do love writing poetry, huh? :-)
12/18/2008 c1 15xLuckystarx
Hi MR oneechan! (big sis for the people who aren't familiar with the honorifics and titles of wondrous Japanese language) Well, hi again, I mean. How are you?

Great poem! Really made me think. I feel really strongly about preserving our forests and saving the trees, too! I agree with everything in your poem! Really liked the wording! It sounds so... I don't know, mysterious!

Oh, and by the way, I AM going to post a fic, but I have to wait until the two-day waiting period is over. WAH I've got LOTS of poems I need to post up! (Poems seem tobe my strong point.)

Lotsa Luv,

~ Jess-chan (sounds really unfamiliar... Lol)

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