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for A Little Dash of Vodka Cranberry

4/19/2009 c1 she smolders
I'm not really used to reading poems like this, which I don't mean a bad way, but it's just so full of angry-sounding words that seem to be thrown at the reader.

The taste of vodka cranberry is bittersweet and I can sense the regret behind this poem too. As cliche as this may sound, I really do like the way you use language and words and subtle devices like alliteration in some lines.

I've been feeling like this too lately. Take care.
12/21/2008 c1 arcane devices
Hippie Nerd NO! You can't get rid of your previous writing ): I find that as a writer you should NEVER be ashamed of what was written in the past (no matter how bad one may think the poetry is) because I feel that you can always look back in the past and see the gradual progression or the different direction your poetry has taken. Keeping your previous poetry is a testimonial to good faith, and the past. So please! Do consider twice before getting rid of the poems. (Plus I never even got a chance to read them yet. ):)

Now onwards to the actual poem itself. Diction is most certainly precise and is befitting of the tone/mood of the piece. One aspect of your poetry that I always find myself envying is the plethora of words you have at your arsenal. You weave words such as "cinnamon lung flakes" with "bedspread window plasticine" and somehow manage to make it flow alright. As your previous reviewer already pointed out, I also enjoyed the way you ended the second stanza with "Here's to forgetting you" as it keeps the poem in terms with the title and subject of the poem. My apologies for the most duly late review but do update! You keep a reader waiting in high hopes.

Until next time then,

I bid thee goodbye. (and happy holidays)

12/19/2008 c1 64fatbird33
o! i liked how you changed the last lines of the two stanzas "here's to you" and "here's to forgetting you" nice job:)

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