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for If He Didn't Have a Twin

2/20/2010 c12 A. Marie. D
I love reading this story! It's awesome and very detailed a out everything. I also love the drama and this story is definetly one of a kind, but it's too bad that it's discontinued. I hope that one day you'll continue this. Best of luck with the new story that your revising! I'll be looking forward to reading that also ;D
7/20/2009 c11 3snowmyth
i was kind of disappointed about the eric-indie thing not happening. i kinda wanted john to find another girl, maybe from france or something. oh well =P
7/20/2009 c5 snowmyth
gawd. i love Eric alreadyy! wee =)
5/21/2009 c6 Bah
This is kind of getting annoying. I'm starting to dislike Indie. Ah, I'm not done with the chappie yet, so.
5/9/2009 c12 Max and Rose
:) Like I said before, I love your writing. I cannot WAIT until the next chapter!

5/1/2009 c12 11Fay Diablo
Well, first of all, I'm sorry I took so long getting to this...

And I loved this, of course. I love your character interactions...Indie is still, of course, my favorite, but the rest of them are awesome, too.

And these long breaks between chapters...Jeez, Fry-ness, you're gonna be like me!

4/25/2009 c11 AngelReader
lolz sorry, forced to review this chap instead...anyway


i'm the 50th reviewer!

omgomg can't believe it

thanks so much

you know what, i really don't think i want anything =]

thanks for asking though

i'll get back to you when i remember!

oh yeah

you CAN say...how wonderful i think your story is, how addicted i am with it, how much i love love love and adore this story...ah i'm pretty sure you know =P
4/23/2009 c12 AngelReader


I LOVE IT. end of sentence

keep writing!

and you HAVE to inform me of your updates

i can't hold the suspense!
4/21/2009 c12 3cndysweetmss
Hi when are you going to write another chapter, the story is really good, you should really write more chapters, hope you got my message.
3/22/2009 c3 10i found nemo
Ugh, I absolutely can't stand the Jennifer Lartons of the world.

I forgot to mention last review that you are a really good writer. I mean it, too. I don't know how to explain myself. You just have a way with words, and your vocabulary/range of words is really...impressive? That's not exactly the word I'm looking for, but bottom line: I'm a sucker for really good verbs that no one ever uses, and you totally use them (like, I remember seeing the word "punctuated" somewhere in this chapter. I think I died when I saw it) ... but yeah. Anyway. Now that I sound like a complete fool, I'm going to shut up.
3/22/2009 c2 i found nemo
I have to admit that I found your story and thought, "hmm.. this sounds interesting" but at the same time, I didn't expect it to be THAT interesting (that's not meant to be offensive in any way, I just mean I wasn't expecting to laugh and be as amused as I was). You have made a wonderful start and I sure as hell hope the rest of it is just as good! I really like James - however, I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that she's set up to canoodle (yes, I said canoodle) with his twin brother (whom I do not like. John is okay, but come on. James is clean cut. He's cute!) ...so please don't let it swing that way. I shall be very disappointed!
3/1/2009 c1 Chancee
I like this prologue.

They seemed to be a little compulsive with the prioritizing.

My, my.

I like the descriptions and the bubbly way you present your main character.

I found it cute about things needing to have a theme.

Well looks pretty solid from this point on, so I will proceed to the next chapter dear.
3/1/2009 c2 22Mi.Ishi
Hm...cute, very cute.

I think you could have taken out that parentheses though. It broke up the story, and didn't add anything to it, so it seemed very unnecessary.

But otherwise, it was neat. I like how close the twins seem. Having twin brothers, I recognized the playing off each other that was going on.


3/1/2009 c1 Mi.Ishi
Cute start.

It piqued my interest, writing's solid. Good prologue.

On to the next chapter.


3/1/2009 c11 Erica71167
I bet it's Eric! Good chapter!
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