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for Mom, I have a secret

2/1/2009 c1 21Tiernan Hunter
Exactly. This is exactly it. I know I had the same problem with my mother, and I'm sure most gay teens do. Perfect. Absolutely and totally perfect.
1/12/2009 c1 37rhymemaker
As usual I love it. I most especially like the timid way you put out the question that is the secret, before you reveal the secret. Proud of you.
1/5/2009 c1 99The Cowardly Lion
I really like this. It just like, made my day.
1/1/2009 c1 11thelasttears
i really likee it... the question we all need to aski guess...
12/31/2008 c1 40All.PenNames.Must.Be.Unique
Wow. That's kinda sad, and pretty unexpected. I thought it was going to be some girl that got pregnant or something but this is much MUCH better! I love it. Very nicely done! *adds to favs*
12/26/2008 c1 11crimson-reverie
oh. my. gosh. i freaking love this. i totally relate.

very well written.

fear is expressed accordingly.

so is the anticipation of finally getting it off your chest.

good job. as always.
12/23/2008 c1 15SweetxDisaster87
i love this poem. great job! bc i feel the same exact way.. i have a secret to tell... but i feel that i cannot bc of my mothers feelings & such etc. really great job again.. i feel that many can connect to this poem. AMAZING JOB! :D
12/20/2008 c1 kat.tastropheexhotmail.com
wow... well, i certainly know where that came from. i felt the same way a few years ago.

i know that not all situation are the same, but my mom was actually better than i thought she would be about it. she's feels closer to me now that she knows.

in the same way, be careful. if you know your mom is ultra conservative and hates gays, maybe you should wait until you can support yourself. don't do anything that could out you in danger.

you can talk to me if you'd like =]

onto the actual poem, this is really well written, and i can almost feel your emotion as i read it. amazing work.

kelsi bones xx

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