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6/6/2019 c1 dccmotherofwolves
I’m still in shock that people are still reading this story! I just wanted to thank everyone for all the continued support since this story was finished.

Sadly, I can’t access this account anymore. I hadn’t used that aol email since high school and I’m pretty sure it’s lost forever! But I wanted to let you know, I was so touched and inspired at seeing people Still reading and caring about Elaine and the Durands that I am revising, relaunching, and FINALLY finishing Elaine’s trilogy.

You can find it at Wattpad dccmotherofwolves
Again, thank you all so much!
12/26/2018 c15 Guest
Loved it! Just wish there was more to the last scene between Michael and Elaine. Thank you for sharing your story here on Fictionpress!
5/4/2018 c6 LightxDarkness
Hello there! I'm so excited to be able to read the sequel. The characters are as strong and wolfy as ever. I noticed that Leo is known as the Alpha of Cologne in the book. In the first book, he was almost always referred to the Alpha of the London pack which is confusing me since in this book, we are in Germany. I wasn't sure if I missed something in the first book.

Throughout the story, I have been rooting for Michael. I feel like there is an obvious connection between them. However, maybe its for those who ship Elaine with Gabe but there is a lot more intimate or special "moments" between Elaine and Gabriel. It kind of put me off of the relationships between Elaine and any other male. It almost feels like the connection between her and Michael is forced. Michael and Elaine are still my favorite pairing and I will love to see how they develop during the next chapters.

One thing is that she seems too naive in the pack mating dynamic. I am aware she lived a sheltered life but I would have thought that her parents or even Alex would have explained to her how mating works. At least the basics. She is completely in the dark and doesn't even recognize her true feelings for Michael or any of the other males. Its really blurry here and kind of frustrating to be honest.

Overall, it has been a fun read so far. I love how united they all are. They really do care for one another. This chapter has been a rollercoaster of emotion. I am glad Michael was there to save Elaine. I just wish they had a happier scene. But alas, characters have their own lives to live.

Josh is such a caring brother. After Alex, Michael and Elaine, he is another favorite character. He is someone I trust with Elaine. I am glad he exists.
5/2/2018 c1 1TablesTurn
Hello! Me again. Re-reading in 2018. :D still love it
10/5/2017 c1 1RomanticaKH1
I, too, have read this years and years ago and I come back to reread it every couple of years . It's still one of the best werewolf stories I've come across. I wish there was some way to contact you and see if you were still writing on like wattpad or something, because it's a damn shame if not. Hoping that you check out your fanfiction out of nostalgia like I have. FrostedSunkist wattpad
12/22/2014 c15 1TablesTurn
Hey! So I just wanted to leave you something because I actually read this story for the first time back in... I have no idea... maybe 2009? And ever since then maybe once or twice a year I will come back and re-read the whole thing because I absolutely love it. It's now 2014 I'm sure you're aware. So thank you, for giving me something I can enjoy over and over again. :) If you ever wrote anything else on this story you better believe I'd be the first to read it.
I have no idea if you ever even go on here anymore but if you do, again, thanks.
10/20/2013 c10 19Alaeryel
OMG-DAMNDAMNDAMN! These past few chapters have left me riveted and on edge-practically bouncing off the walls! My insides are tied up in knots and I haven't been able to think right! I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS STORY EITHER!
10/19/2013 c3 Alaeryel
I want to cry every time I read something about her mother-my heart has shattered for her loss the most! I am gathering that Gabriel is also interested in El as a mate but WHO ACTUALLY had her father talked to about it? This is just so unfair for them to have to deal with and I still think Odolf needs to be beat to a bloody pulp right now for starting something else she shouldn't have to worry about! Your writing is GREAT and the story is PERFECT!
10/19/2013 c2 Alaeryel
I was really hoping that El would have clocked Odolf in sight of Alex and Michael-HE IS ONE DENSE IDIOT! I LOVE Cassiel's playfulness and he is so easily excited! PERFECTION!
10/19/2013 c1 Alaeryel
Great start with the story-you recapped BEAUTIFULLY from the first book AND THEN WHAMO BLAMO-you threw Odolf into the picture and I can see ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE! I wouldn't want to be him when El found him!
8/29/2013 c15 IDlovely
I like in this story how the main character isn't in the "la la" land of love all the time. There is a balance in the plot and how each character has there strengths and weakness. I applaud on how you brought the theme of family.
8/5/2013 c15 DreaminOfLove22
Loved both your wolf stories. Now I can finally go to bed!
5/26/2013 c9 indijana
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5/4/2013 c1 FallenArchangel13
Once again, a magnificent story, well come together, and thoroughly explained. Reads professionally and kept me engaged and wanting more the whole way through.
4/11/2013 c15 belltail
It's been 3 years, ya ready yet?
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