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3/31/2011 c1 Pale Treasures
Yes, I want to review every story that I like! :P

Haha, I can really relate to this. I think we've all been there - I've lost count of the sheer amount of times I had to rack my brain trying to come up with something sweet and neutral to write on ribbons/notebooks/shirts of people from school that I just couldn't stand.

The end was quite melancholy and it took me a little by surprise, but it's a nice contrast to the rest of the story.
7/6/2010 c1 58IzumiKaede
This totally what my best friend felt when we graduated earlier this year:)

I still have my shirt in the bottom drawer though:)
4/29/2009 c1 10dreameratbang
Wow, I love your way of writing, its so distinct. Again very relatable, people you've never talked to in school come and badger you on the last...its so annoying and yet so remiscent.

To be very corny, you have a wonderful way with words! :D
3/23/2009 c1 31ByYourSide

Aye-mayizing. Just like the Window Watchers. I like how you create characters without explicitly having characters-it's more of a connection between the reader and what's happening, and I can't explain it. I like your use of point of view.

Your stories are so creative. :) I love this part:

Fuck you, bitch, glad you’re out of my life now. Unsaid.

Best of luck to a very sweet girl. Written.

That is so true. We must choose our words carefully. Ha ha, this did bring back memories, and I'm not even out of high school yet! :D Love it. As usual. Whoo!
3/1/2009 c1 4GrannyP
Is it wrong that this had me laughing until I thought I was going to pull a muscle? I loved it! The unsaid thoughts were oh-so-true, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who would even think of thinking something like that!

I also liked the poetic flow of this story, as well as the passage of time. It all just flowed (I said that word already, didn't I? Oh well!) very nicely! Great job!
2/25/2009 c1 Chasing Skylines
[Culminating in a thumb-blurred photograph taken a shaking hand]

You're missing a 'by' before 'a.'

An interesting concept, I like it. The amusing parts in italics kept the reader entertained. Good job.
2/9/2009 c1 2punkturnedwriter
Oh man, I absolutely loved this. The first 12 lines made me split my sides laughing and then the last bit made me sigh.
12/24/2008 c1 13Marie St. John
Definitely true. All of it. And very beautifully written. I really enjoy how easy it is to read your work. You are very good at weaving words down the page in an unending seam...like our very thoughts. This will be a favorite of mine. Please write more soon!

- Aranel

ps. Thank you for the review on The Sea Nymph and the Warrior :)

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