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10/18/2011 c11 Starcrazed
Loved it~!
6/18/2011 c11 Asheley
This was such a charming story! I have to say I think this is my favorite in the lifeblood saga, it showed such amazing progression thrugh the time leading up to lifeblood. I loved it, though I was very disappointed to find out that the marriage was to Mark instead of Nic... darn :P But it was a fantastic twist on the usual romance.
1/28/2010 c11 18Stephanie M. Moore

I started reading this story yesterday when I realized it was actually a follow-up to another story. So, I finished Lifeblood last night and returned to this story.

I must say that, overall, I think that your writing style has definitely improved since Lifeblood. This story is very smooth and the narrative is wonderful. I have only compliments.

I look forward to reading more of you work!

6/28/2009 c11 8kittymobile
Well, because of your entreaty that reading stories and not reviewing is impolite i'm reviewing at...3:06am with school the next day...you so made me read that much in one sitting. I can never stop reading a good book unless the characters turn blurry and I get eyestrain...but I digress...A few points to make

Chapter six had a made instead of a maid

and somewhere about two chapters away two words - me and something else were the wrong side of each other.

Other than that this is a very good story both grammatically and spelling-wise. Probably better than this is at this time of night, anywho. :). I really enjoyed this story, the only thing I found odd is that Isabelle is so relaxed about Daren leaving all the time. I know she had that first spoilt outburst as he dubbed it but people still don't like others leaving them at all. To have him only visit for a few weeks or months at a time with such a huge lifespan before him seems a little strange. At least a year or two? It's also very hard to keep up that kind of loving relationship without correspondence at all. Very, very hard. Also, i think his age changed at one point. He was 300 years older than Isabelle at about 500 and something when she met him and they helped each other with him as elder for another 300 years you said...after that he seemed to grow younger? Just thought I'd point that titbit out.

Great story, thumbs up from me :)

6/17/2009 c11 3Kadekksys
GREAT ending. So glad that Daren made one final appearance. I'm SUCH a sop for anything slightly romantic. It's really quite pathetic. haha

Also, congrats on finishing this one, too! Personally I preferred Lifeblood, but Lifetime was fun, too. :)
6/17/2009 c11 HiMe
You're right...twas short. I liked the ending though.
5/5/2009 c10 Kadekksys
hm. Weird to think of the Establishment being established... yeah... haha
5/4/2009 c10 Hime Diddly HimeHime
HECK YES! AHH! And I so agree with what you said about the lightning/dundundun/loud crash. And I don't really have much to say about this chappie. LOVE Borieal now, especially with his total BA-ness. Loved the dagger scene. Made me smile. :)
4/21/2009 c9 Hime
Hehe...I likied it again. But...I'm a sucker for Daren, what can I say? I wished it had been longer, but what can lil ol' me do? Besides edit, of course, lol. Congrats on the 100 BB pages! And I'm kinda with vballgurl that the argument was a wee bit random. But then, as you're well aware, I like random. I am random. Also, only one typo that I saw! Pat yourself on the back!
4/21/2009 c9 Kadekksys
It's almost mean to bring him back and then send him off again, but it makes sense, too. Also, I felt like their argument kinda came out of no where. I dunno. It makes sense that they'd have it but it was so abrupt. yeah. that's all :)
4/14/2009 c8 6Carmel March
Wow. This is already blowing me away. I can't wait to see where this story goes :)

4/13/2009 c8 Hime Hime
Um...I feel kinda bad...but...umm...I should shut up about that.

I think that this is officially my favorite chappie so far. And after last night, did you really need to throw more sadness at me? XD I kid. I really kid. That was sad though...But again, I enjoyed it. But maybe you shouldn't type at midnight. :P
4/13/2009 c8 3Kadekksys
Kay, Um you better not kill Daren too. I know with their "goodbye" or lack thereof, its the most obvious, cliche thing in the world, so please don't! hahah They don't necessarily need a happily-ever-after, but killing him would just suck. :/

Also, I went back and reread the end of seven, and I like it better now. :)
4/7/2009 c7 Kadekksys
oh wow. that ending was... hmm. interesting. Not saying that I didn't see it coming, but I guess I would have thought there'd be more development between the two of them. Granted, she has been staying with him for a few weeks, but yeah. Anyways, I hope that Baby Business is coming soon! And that you updated Lifetime more quickly, too :)
4/7/2009 c7 Hime
Wow...I am happily surprised to announce that either I'm half asleep or you are getting better at catching your typos. I already told you the one I saw and...I don't remember what it was. So maybe it's the latter. :)
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