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4/13/2009 c33 2xMoose

amazing chapter, if i do say so myself, hehe ;)

ahem, aren't you gonna make that announcement? *cough*

i'm sure your fans will want to know what to expect!

you surely don't wanna leave them deprived of alex.

yeah, anyhoo. i can remember that this was written like 4 months ago. and now it's here...done. WHOO! *tear*

this is certainly bittersweet.
4/11/2009 c33 2lolacakes
aw, i love it, do you have to be done?
4/11/2009 c33 Inactive453627
No! Is that it? I'm so sad-it's over! I'm glad you updated, I was going through Alex withdrawal. I'd love to read more from you, keep up the amazing writing!

By the way, still can't believe Belle is dead. Not fair! Poor Alex :(
4/11/2009 c33 futureauthor852
On no! what's going on? UPDATE SOON, lol ~Angela
4/11/2009 c33 1ncEDGE

im sry that was a little long. let me try that again.


wow, sry. . ! SHES DEAD. AND HE ELX HE HE E OMG! dude, this cant be it!


great job though!

3/25/2009 c32 2lolacakes
I hate that they had to be dead especially Sierra she was my favorite out of the girls except Belle and BTW i love the story definetly one of my favorites!
3/4/2009 c32 Inactive453627
OMG! No way! It can't end! You're going to deprive me of Alex, and I'm going to have to settle for some random guy at my school! Sorry for not reviewing sooner, but this was definitely worth ignoring my French homework for! Ah, I can't wait to finish, but then it will be OVER! This is a double-edged sword you have created, my friend :D
3/4/2009 c32 futureauthor852
ah im so soo so sorry i didn't review the couple last chapters, but im up to date now! Omg, i can't believe what is going on now! I hope Alex doesn't get hurt and what about ariel, they were planning something at school weren't they? UPDATE SOON and i can't believe there is only ONE chapter left!

~Angela %$%&%^~$#%&^*)()^$&$#$#*^*)*
3/1/2009 c32 grassong
noo! the last one? already? but .. NO!~~ Dx well, i hope its a long one *hinthint* xD

good job
3/1/2009 c32 1ncEDGE

Ok so to start things off i have to say IM SORRY IM SO LATE! i dont even have a good excuse for not reading sooner. besides not checking my email... but thats not a good one.

Now to the awesome awesomness that is your story:

HOLY CRAP! Belle is so screwed! and alex is officialy the PERFECT guy. i mean sure, he could die. of course he's probably going to be in SERIOUS pain, but who cares as long as the love if his life lives. can u say AW?

! Im so excited for the next chapter, and scared for the ending, and sad cause its over... MIXED EMOTIONS!

2/28/2009 c32 2xMoose
i think i'm gonna start bawling.

this is it. the moment of truth.

wow. i'm so proud of you and this story.

lol, i can't even begin to imagine you posting the next chapter!

so dramatic. love this.
2/21/2009 c31 xMoose
this scares me. alex! oh dear god.

like the ending of this chapter.

so sorry, didn't realize that you've updated.

this is good. so how many chappies left now?

ALEX! ah, i wanna cry.
2/19/2009 c31 grassong
i love the ending. cant wait for the next chapter! :]
2/16/2009 c31 Inactive453627
Not Alex! Ah, this is just getting worse and worse for poor Belle! Update quickly, please, I'm dying! Alex can't be gone, he just can't :(
2/11/2009 c30 xMoose
i remember this chapter.

alex crying is a turn on.

lol, i have to ruin the mood don't i?

yeah, you did a great job with the scary parts...

and it's storming out. crap. just my luck. AND I DON'T HAVE ALEX!

anyways. alex is so sweet. jealous.
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