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2/11/2009 c30 1ncEDGE
OH! MY! GOD! Alex is the sweetest boyfriend ever! And if i was belle, id be on my way to canada if i saw faces in my mirror. Alex has every right to be scared, but it made me sad that he was crying. thats not right, i hate it when guys cry. OMG SO GOOD! This chapter is so sweet! Anyway, great job. WOOT!
2/10/2009 c30 Inactive453627
Oh my gosh! I can just imagine those creepy little faces in the mirror-I have one in my room and I'm avoiding it now! Ooh, things like that freak me out so badly! I love this, Alex is so great to Belle. Update soon, I have to know what happens! Sorry about all the exclamations, haha, I'm just so hyped :)
2/7/2009 c29 2xMoose
ohh dear.
2/7/2009 c29 futureauthor852
Aww I feel so sorry for them...I hope they don't break up any time soon because of all the fighting about the spirits...update soon! ~Angela
2/7/2009 c28 futureauthor852
Great chapter! Yeah, a break from the drama never did anybody any harm! =D ~Angela
2/7/2009 c29 1GaIn
Ah, Alex is in denial for sure! (Oh! Looks like I forgot to review last chapter! Sorry.) I wonder if he'll be able to protect Belle from whatever's coming. . . But he's so optimistic all the time! Or maybe it's just an act?

Awesome chapter. XD
2/6/2009 c29 Inactive453627
Aw, poor Alex :( He's so sweet, he refuses to let anything get to him. I wanna know what happens! Belle can't die! Post soon, I'm excited for the next chapter!
2/5/2009 c28 1ncEDGE
Aw im glad she got to see Anna, Belle needed that. And Alex is still a sweetie :D Now what is to come next...? More DEATH AND DESTRUCTION? Or maybe some suttle romance... hm... something to ponder for sure... haha. :D:D:D
2/4/2009 c28 Inactive453627
Aw, I liked it! It was nice to let Belle relax a bit for a while, and good to see her relationship with her family away from all the drama. Again, must say, Alex is so sweet :) Can't wait for the next one!
2/3/2009 c27 2xMoose
woowoo! alrighty. that was amazing.

stupid phone...would belle and alex have done it if it weren't for the phone? gaahh, i need to know! lol. ANYWAYS.

i like how things just shifted away from the spirits. it was a nice break (because of alex)..and jesus! who knew alex was such an animal. I DID ;)
2/2/2009 c27 1GaIn
Alex! Brilliant chapter. XD
2/1/2009 c27 1ncEDGE
GET IT BELLE! :D Haha. Jeez, please enter real life alex... haha. WOOT! Ok now im scared that the next chapter is gonna be like DEATH, FEAR, ANXIETY, EVILNESS. o well, alex will still be there. wait, will he? WILL HE STILL BE THERE? o dear... this could be bad. O WELL. great job and UPDATE! :D:D:D
2/1/2009 c27 futureauthor852
YAY! She didn't have a nightmare! I can't believe it though, I need to know what happened to Sierra! Update soon! ~Angela
2/1/2009 c26 futureauthor852
Is she...dead? O
2/1/2009 c27 Inactive453627
Yay! Oh my goodness, Alex is pretty much my favorite male lead in any story on this site. I'm glad Belle got a bit of a break from all the craziness, but it'll be exciting to see how this ends up! Can't wait for the next post, it's awesome.
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