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1/31/2009 c26 2xMoose
oh dear god. i just wanna steal alex :)

alright, chapter review.

it was grand. you really did a great job.

it's amazing to see how far you've come in such a short time.
1/30/2009 c26 1ncEDGE
WHAT? WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED? WHY IS ASHLYN SO CRAZY? WHAT HAPPENED TO SIERRA? o dear so many questions... o and sry this took so long. i never thought exams were so time consuming... but WHAT? WHAT? ugh ok im gonna need an update to get over this one... :( haha
1/30/2009 c26 Inactive453627
Is Sierra gone too? No! Ashlyn has to go down, and soon! I'm excited for the Belle/Alex chapter, I love their chemistry. Update soon, I'm still in love with this story :)
1/29/2009 c26 1GaIn
Thank goodness Alex showed up. This keeps getting better and better. Things are getting really intense!
1/28/2009 c25 1ncEDGE
YOU CANT JUST DO THAT TO A PERSON! Is sarah ok? well obviously not, but COME ON! She might not be totally dead. Maybe... SHE WAS IN A CAR CRASH, but she LIVED and is now in terrible pain BUT THE POINT IS that she LIVED! So ahlyn's plan is RUINED! o wow, u have to update quickly! And yes i do have a mild obsession with ALL. CAPS. LOCK. Haha ok GREAT JOB! :D
1/28/2009 c25 Inactive453627
Agck! You ca't post such a small chapter and get my hopes up like that! Now I need to know things, like what happened to Sarah, and why Sierra is still okay. Update soon, I'm dying!
1/27/2009 c25 futureauthor852
...WHAT! I'm speechless. I can't even say it was a good chapter...there was no chapter! =D Sarah? Oh no...update soon! So it is only Belle and Sierra left? =( ~Angela
1/27/2009 c25 1GaIn
Ah. Short, but super good. I don't mind the length.
1/27/2009 c25 2xMoose
the shortness of this chapter always gets me.

it's so powerful and in-dept in a way.

yes, i know i'm weird. but the simplicity, is over-powering. in short, this is good, no matter how short, cuz that makes it even better.
1/27/2009 c13 xMoose
aw! poor belle.

but you did a good job with writing the ritual.

lol i've been talking more about the characters than how you write them...tis a good thing, i say!
1/27/2009 c12 xMoose
ya know...once in a while it'd be nice to have the klik as friends...or maybe on second thought, cuz considering the ending, not such a hot idea. but still, "nice" of them to shower belle with gifts.
1/27/2009 c11 xMoose
i wish they hadn't left early and that they kissed.

dang it. poopy alex and belle. i wonder how things would have changed if they had. LOL. ROBBIE. no!
1/27/2009 c10 xMoose
this was a short one. oh well.

love the chapter title. cutee.
1/27/2009 c9 xMoose
more like UNINVITED! ahh, creepy movie.

anyways. they are seriously annoying.

hate them. the klik i mean.

KLITORIS! erm, yeah. alex and belle are cute.
1/27/2009 c8 xMoose
party, party. fun, fun.

lol, nice chapter title.

this was a good one, but nothing compared to the future chapters.
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