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1/27/2009 c7 2xMoose
sierra's such a nice friend :)

RED LOBSTER, haven't been there in a while.

maybe i should go with 'whats-his-face'? haha.

that would be interesting.
1/27/2009 c6 xMoose
m, i really need to HIRE alex to be my chauffer. wouldn't that lovely? HEY! we carpool don't we? lmao, imagine showing up to school with alex on our arms...those jaws dropping. *sigh*

anyways, good job with this chapter.

alex is certainly a character. and so is belle.
1/27/2009 c5 xMoose
yeah, i already hate the klik. bitches.
1/27/2009 c4 xMoose
lol, the memorable match! ha! anyways, i remember this chapter - when i completely loved alex - that is before robbie came - and now went. haha. amazing how this story just took off. it's fun though!
1/27/2009 c3 xMoose
question: how did you get the name and idea for the 'klik'?
1/27/2009 c2 xMoose
realized that i didn't review a couple, or actually a ton of chapters in between. sorry.

really like how this kinda got everything going and settled at the same time for belle.
1/25/2009 c24 grassong
O.O INTENSE! oh i think im gonna be frikin scared in the next couple chapters xD hahahaa good job:]
1/25/2009 c24 futureauthor852
=( =( =( i feel so sorry for the girls...update soon though! I can't wait to find out what they are going to do next...with ashlyn and all...~Angela
1/25/2009 c24 1ncEDGE
! This was so intense! So rebeccas dead now. lovely, just lovely. now belles next. And poor alex... he should go and grab ashlyn and bring her into the public b/c if i was her, i would NOT be going anywhere they asked me to. Great job and update soon!
1/25/2009 c24 1GaIn
I loved the last line. Can't wait to see what the confrontation with Ashlyn will be like. And thanks for updating this story so quickly! I (and everyone else, probably) really appreciate it!
1/25/2009 c24 Inactive453627
I hope they get Ashlyn back, she deserves to go down. This story almost reminds me of Pretty Little Devils, one of my favorite mystery/slashers of all time. I can't wait for more, once again you leave me on the edge of my seat :)
1/24/2009 c23 Inactive453627
Oh my God! I can't believe Tyra's dead. Sorry for not reviewing sooner, I've been deprived of a computer for two days now. This was a great chapter, now I want to know who goes next! I can't wait for the intrigue, it should be amazing. I'm definitely not bored :)
1/24/2009 c23 2xMoose
so sad =(

good job though!
1/24/2009 c23 futureauthor852
Oh, very good...but at the end up the chapter, the last word to be exact, wasn't that name supposed to be sarah, not sierra?

“Don’t be,” he stroked my hair for a moment longer until people began filing in, and then he left me to go to his seat. Sarah took her seat next to me a moment later. We didn’t talk or even look at each other the whole hour.

Then, when the bell rang at the end of the period, she grabbed my arm before I could get up. “Belle, I’m sorry.”

I tried to smile at her, but it was hard. I hadn’t smiled in days. My anger had passed, and I felt guilty and a little ashamed at my outburst. “Don’t worry about it, Sierra.”

...anyway, just thought id ask, but GREAT chapter! I can't wait for the next one and to find out what happens! Update soon...~Angela
1/24/2009 c23 1ncEDGE
Aw no. She can't die! I think ahslyn did this, in some sick twisted way... And poor Belle. AW its so sad.

not to be heartless but GREAT JOB! haha. and what is this was robbie popping back up? is he really a good guy? did he not just want to get into belle's pants...? the question remanins... haha
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