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5/3 c1 Guest
So cute :)
2/27/2018 c1 ememsharp
My second time in a row commenting on your book to simply beg you to update! PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN! So if you want me to stop you're gonna have to block me and if you do at least I'll know you're alive.
10/7/2016 c1 A
3 3
11/9/2015 c1 somersaultkick
So cuute!
6/23/2015 c1 OscarJLaw
this is BEAUTIFUL.

and Luke is are no guys like that in real life :(
3/27/2015 c1 Red
You crack me up. Love it! xx
10/26/2014 c1 5Haneefa99
That was so cute!
8/22/2014 c1 randomgirl
Really amaaazing. You have a style of writing which i simply adooore. And the small small comments were so cute and funny. Please do write more stories.
6/12/2014 c1 3RoseshadowPheonix
I am not going to deny it. I absolutely loved this story. I love how she talked to herself and I loved the romance (well...romance hating...whatever you call it.)
6/9/2014 c1 9UchihaRonnie
5/9/2014 c1 myst77
It was a cool read. Wish there was more...
2/23/2014 c1 17Akuma Kawashima
Cutest story ever! :3
1/5/2014 c1 misssmiley03
soo cute I luves it...xoxo
10/20/2013 c1 Guest
WHY don't guys like Luke exist in real life? I'm exactly like Bronwyn (I mean EXACTLY)...so where the HELL is Luke?

I fell in love with Luke. Your writing is beautiful, and this is by far the best fictionpress story I have ever read.
10/14/2013 c1 princecharprincesswit
so sweet!
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