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7/27/2009 c17 Kathey27
WOW, that was steamy :) lol. I want Speed back!
7/27/2009 c16 Kathey27
i love it when those two argue :D ch 17 is coming up... yay! Lol.
7/27/2009 c21 dragonfly-009
Yeah, short chapter - but a good one! I'm glad they're getting somewhere, and the new Adam was a fresh piece of personality that goes well with the rest of his character (if that makes any sense).

The concept of Alex always being a scared little girl didn't seem to connect with what I had as an image of her, though. I think she might have been portrayed as a person who, despite a traumatic past with unanswered questions, was still able to feel comfortable in her favourite chair with a pile of stories to read through. But then again, maybe I should just go read the first few chapters once more...
7/27/2009 c15 Kathey27
LOL! I was dying when Adam told her that :)
7/27/2009 c14 Kathey27
Poor Speed :( if that bastard hurt his mom... :(
7/27/2009 c13 Kathey27
I love Adam :D (dreamy look)
7/27/2009 c12 Kathey27
Yep, Alex is so awesome like that :D
7/27/2009 c11 Kathey27
Bradshaw is pissing me off :( poor Rick, lol :D
7/26/2009 c10 Kathey27
It aint Rick (singsong voice) lol :)
7/26/2009 c9 Kathey27
I'm getting really freaked out. Lol :) this story's going awesome and I can't wait to be able to read it again as an actual book :)
7/26/2009 c8 Kathey27
7/26/2009 c7 Kathey27
how dare she even suggest that the kiss was nothing! But on the bright side, no more creepy Brittany, lol, :D
7/26/2009 c6 Kathey27
damn her mom pisses me off, lol :D how dare she not let Speed know?
7/26/2009 c5 Kathey27
! OMG !
7/26/2009 c4 Kathey27
I want Speed. And Adam is so great :D and just to help keep this interesting, I'm going to pretend I haven't already read this all, lol, makes me more excited when certain things happen. Weird, I know :)
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