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7/26/2009 c3 Kathey27
ADAMS ROCKS! Lol. Sorry but I am all for him and Alex together :)
7/26/2009 c2 Kathey27
I just wanna say again: Speed rocks and even more when he's drunk. Lol. Adam rocks too :)
7/26/2009 c1 Kathey27
Hey! I've already read all 21 chapters but I wanted to go back and review each chapter because this story is awesome and Speed rocks :)
7/19/2009 c21 Gabys
Hi! how are you? it's okey if you're busy, don't worry, never xD

well this chapter is short but really good. i have more ideas for the next steps of what come for your history.

take care

i wish you the best


7/18/2009 c21 RosesBelikov
O. I was SO happy to see that you wrote another chapter when I got back from the Drive-In! ;D

Of course, I LOVE IT! And I want MORE, damnit! ;p So, he MUST'VE found the Door-to-Door killer if it's this close to the end... :^) I'm excited to know if I was right in my prediction. :p
7/18/2009 c21 Onyx1901
Oh my god. I have waited so long for a chapter! Lol I'm so immensley happy!

It's been so long though, that I can't remember the name of who I think it is! It starts with a b!

Lol. I am so happy that I'll getto read the ending soon, but so sad that it's gonna be over!

Anyways, can't wait til the next installment!

7/18/2009 c21 RoseBelikov18
LOVED IT! But who is the killer and why wont Adam tell Alex?

7/18/2009 c21 1VampireAcademyDB
AWESOME CHAPTER! lol i told my friend about your story and when I got the email it was updated i did my happy dance lol which made my mom look at me in a very strange way UPDATE SOON! :) btw i hope the throwing up isn't what i think it is lol
7/13/2009 c20 PT
So 3 days and countless hours later, I finally got up to chapter 20 and it kept me reeling for more!

It was so good that I can really imagine myself reading a book like this!

I hope you update soon cause the suspense is killing me!

You have a real talent for writing and I'm sure you've heard this before but I love Adam, Alex is really lucky!
5/29/2009 c20 RoseBelikov18
Aww! It was great! I loved it! Don't you feel better now that you've finished it?

5/28/2009 c20 RosesBelikov
DAMNIT I NEED MORE! :D I freakin' LOVE this story. :) You need to just get it done and publish the shit. I want to buy it and have it on my bookshelves next to my other books. ;p I wish I could be in your mind for 5 minutes so I'd know the end of the story. Lol :)

Keep up the good work. ;) Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/28/2009 c20 dragonfly-009
It's a nice chapter. Apart from the Monica dying part, but I didn't see it in the kind of "Oh, crap" light that I usually do. I think it's another part of a plot, the trap that the killer is slowly pulling together around Alex, and she sits and suffers and tries to piece together photos in an attempt to help out.

... I really hope she has a major epiphany-thing sometime soon, I want to see that guy caught! (And I'm glad Adam said "No" too =) )

Thanks for updatng!
5/26/2009 c1 1Luna Starr
This is a really great start, and I'm definately going to read more (when I get the time *sighs*).

The last part was cute. :D
5/25/2009 c19 1VampireAcademyDB
Omg I absolutely LOVE this story. If you got it published, I would DEFINITELY buy it. Even if I had to spend my last dollar on it! Your story is funny and full of suspense I LOVE ADAM! =) KEEP UPDATING ASAP
5/15/2009 c1 11watercolour dreams
Wow. This is a great story!

I love Speed lol.

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