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4/22/2009 c19 fabulous2516
Love it, completely love it. Oh, I am also on LJ, and fanfic. You probably guessed that from the name, it never changes. That would be uber embarasing. Being stabbed in the butt, I cant even imagine! But I love the story. It inspired me to crack out my, one, mystery/suspense/thriller whatever you call it story and start working on it some. (Well, this and all the crime shows I hae been watching. I am a bit of an addict). So, great job!
4/13/2009 c19 11Sakiru Yume
Nice chapter. Please update soon. Sorry for the...non-comment-ness, but I don't really have anything to say. Sorry.
4/9/2009 c19 blah248
good chapter(:
4/9/2009 c19 Cynthia
Ohh I really thought he was going to go back to "It was a mistake" bullshit XD I'm glad he finally had to hear it and not say it. Oh God, I laugh when she told him she was stabbed in the ass lol. Can't wait for moree.
4/9/2009 c19 RosesBelikov
LOVE IT! Can't wait for more! :) Not much happened in this one though. :( I was hopin' for some ACTION! Lol. But nonetheless, I LOVED IT!
4/8/2009 c19 dragonfly-009
I loved it! And I'm glad the story is still moving, a lot of people kind of dwindle away into daily life at about this point in time and the plot is pretty much forgotten. Even though it sounds a little sadistic, I'm glad the killer made another entrance to keep them on their toes!
4/7/2009 c19 RoseBelikov18
I loved it! It was great!

Haha! "He turned her around and for the second time that day some guy was pulling down her pants to stare at her bare ass." I found that funny! Lol

Great job as always!

3/25/2009 c18 Gaby
it forgets to me, this is my mail

3/25/2009 c18 Gaby
Hello! OMG! this book is fantastic, it master, already this in my favorite book list! I at least wait for with anxieties the rest of the book or the illusion of which it is gotten to sell in Argentina! well you have a new fan! xD take care! from Argentina Gabriela.

3/23/2009 c1 Chancee
I really like the first chapter of your story. I am Momo from many forums here and I was skimming through the thrillers and stopped to read yours.

Have you ever wanted in depth reviews and feed back from even more writers?

Well I have a couple of places for you but first my review:

I like the beginning with the intensity of how she needed to escape, giving the story that eerie feeling.

I also like how you brought in past history about her mother but not taking too much time about it.

Speed is a very interesting character and very likeable so far. He seems to be the opposite of her in different ways which is good.

Now what I wish that I saw was more description of her and even though you talked about him maybe a little more to him too, but there again this is just the first chapter.

I see the bit of information given my the television was nice, but at first read I was not sure who was talking.

Over all very interesting and I will be putting it on alert.

Hope to see you later!

Momo of The Roadhouse, Review Game and family member of The Promised Land

(There are great people in all these forums and will help you expand your writing even more!) ^_^
3/17/2009 c18 RosesBelikov
Rock ON, chick! I am falling in LOVE with this story. :D Really. I just sat here for 5 hours reading it. You should be charging for this. And I can't wait for the next chapter! I wish this was a book that was already published, because I would SO go out and buy it RIGHT NOW just to see what happens next. ;D
3/13/2009 c18 blah248
great chapter!(:


the warning was funny
3/12/2009 c18 dragonfly-009
I had a feeling Speed would be turning up sometime! I don't know why but I'm glad he's there. I like the chapters with a little bit of comedy in them. Can't wait until the next one! By the way, really glad you went on an update spree! :D Thankyou!
3/11/2009 c18 RoseBelikov18
I loved it! It was awesome!

YAY! Speed is back!

Why'd Adam leave? I'm not mad though, just as I promised. But he will be back though right?

I liked that last part,"I know that… but he didn’t.” She smiled and drove to the station. She was going to get some sort of answer as to what the hell was going on with him. And they probably had string there as well."

Haha! "And they probably had strig there as well."

Great Chapter!

3/8/2009 c7 Aimee
Hehehe, you put my name in there :)

Thankies :)
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