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9/6/2011 c5 39Raaawr Ima Dinosaur
I don't know who I like more: Pete or Jude. The two of them are tied as my favourite character's. The main's in stories generally don't seem to be my favourites lol. This is going great so far although I do wonder why Paris broke up with Sebastian. I hope we'll find out soon :) As I said, I'm really enjoying this and hope you update soon! I see that you haven't treated in like what 2/3 years? but I hope you are thinking of updating soon! I'm truly loving this :)
2/2/2010 c5 52Liviania
You have "morals" spelled as "morales" for the entirety of Jude and Gabe's conversation.

I really like Indra. He seems so gentlemanly. Although he did date a crazy teenager, which shows some bad taste no matter what the situation.

3/3/2009 c5 6jshortcake
I think I'm just reading this story to see Paris. He was my favorite character in The Eiffel Tower. :P

Just kidding. I like Gabe too, and this whole Indra-Luke thing is getting pretty interesting... Not to mention there's actually a guy I kind of like who is Indian- but he's got a girlfriend, so, eh, whatever- so it's really refreshing to see a love interest that's not just regular old Wonderbread. Even if I'll never get the guy, I certainly hope Gabe will!

Keep writing- I'll look forward to your next update (and Paris's appearance)!
1/27/2009 c4 5gummybaby
yay for updates! I totally know what you're talking about with the first person bias, I think it's great that you've thought about all that. It makes for a high quality story. I also like that Gabe isn't perfect, because really who is? It makes him more real.
1/26/2009 c4 Night Innocence
Great chapter

The dialogues helped with the character development, so it's not filler-like.

Poor Indra, Gabe doesn't seem as into the whole thing as Indra, and seem to be using him to get to Luke; hope Gave falls really hard for Indra soon!
1/26/2009 c4 Jiro
Aw, I want to know more about what happened between Seba and Paris (I'm a big believer in the 'high school relationships shouldn't last' philosophy though). Gabe is kind of a playa'. Good for him :)
1/26/2009 c4 1Initially loaded
Wow...This is...really good. I like it. A LOT.
1/25/2009 c4 6Wizard of Souls
I read this and wholeheartedly wait for more updates. Indra sounds sexy and once you mentioned the slight British accent, I was reminded of a much younger teacher I had. Don't worry though, he was pretty hot for being 50-something. M, British-Indians...really not much sexier than that.

I would like to say, though, that one of your characters reminds me very, very acutely of someone I know and would rather not have met. As such, said character looks exactly like the person I know. As a result, I would very much like to see Luke get hit with a baseball bat from a giant muscle-head guy named Chalupe. To the groin. Repeatedly.


1/25/2009 c4 Coriande
Yay! Quick chapter is quick.

Let's see. I'm a big Indra fan at the moment, mostly because the idea of someone wanting to pursue a relationship casually without a great deal of angst is totally hot; also I am picturing him as Sendil Ramamurthy which never hurts. The way Gabe is... I don't know, manipulating or using him doesn't sit quite right at the moment, but I'm sure the skeletons in his closet will come out shortly and sling another wrench into the works.

Also, Seb! What a funny little bear. His self-destructive dating habits shall soon be his downfall, and I'm starting to think Julian is just a fancy name for his right hand. Jokes, but unveil your mystery man soon!

Thanks again for a lovely read
1/25/2009 c4 ddz008
I liked the chapter. We are getting to know Indra more and more... He seems like a really nice guy... I wonder what he sees in Gabe to make him so persistant in going out with him. I don't thinks are going to be nice when Indra discovers that a part of Gabe want to "date" him just to get back at Luke. And I fear Luke, he is creepy XD And Seb... I keep liking him and it was good to see him in this chapter. Hope you update soon! :) Thanks for sharing this with us!
1/25/2009 c4 13Kittentits
Wa. Loved the past two chapters. I like Indra, for all that the previous two chapters he seemed a bit stuck up, he now seems like quite the sweetheart. And Gabe with Indra is awesome. Quite positively enjoying it. Also enjoying the rapidness of the chapter updates. Way to keep me interested!

Can't wait to see what's going to come from Luke. He doesn't seem like a boy who gives up. Bitch that he is.

Oh! And Rylin? Love him. Seriously. Reminds me of one of my exs. Haha.

On the Seb/Paris note, ok, so you said you were going to sort of interject parts of their story into this one but that it's mostly focused on Gabe, which is understandable, but please don't keep them separated! Julian seems like a good guy but as unrealistic as it is, Paris and Seb seem like a good fictional forever couple. I want to believe in them. I'd be so sad if you kept them apart. I don't want my little fantasy to be crushed.

Ok. that's it. Loving it. Can't wait for the next one(or two depending on when I have the time to read) hehe.
1/20/2009 c3 crack the sky
ahh i love gabe (:

but what happened to seb and paris? i liked them together!
1/18/2009 c3 tt-tty N
really like'n your chapters so far. so glad you finally let us meet Indra..even though it's only been 3 chapters (but it felt like forever!) he's all around smexy o.O can't wait for more!
1/17/2009 c3 5gummybaby
yay you updated. Still loving the long chapters. Indra sounds cool, but that part at the end seemed kinda out of character, but since I don't really know the character that well I guess I can't really say that. I'll just trust your great master plan. Especially if it includes Indra and Gabe going at it.
1/17/2009 c3 Night Innocence
Love it so far.

Great characters and Luke is really getting on my nerves, but Indra...sexiness in the flesh (well words).

Can't wait to read more!
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