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12/18/2010 c24 Lemoncheesekake
You know, when I read SWTE, I thought I loved Jack more...but reading Rough Petals made me realise how great Cole is. Even though I liked Jack more but still I didn't think that I would like the girl Cole will fall in love with but you proved me wrong...and I'm glad for that. I had a really great time reading Rough Petals.
12/6/2010 c23 2akaCHEEKS
Haha. He's most likely going to plan a wedding behind her back. I love it! Now off to Melody's story!
12/6/2010 c17 akaCHEEKS
Hey! You shouldn't joke about having an aneurysm. That actually happened to me last summer right after I turned 18 and just before college just started. One moment I was awake and the next I'm laying in the hospital for a month and spent 2 weeks in the Intensive care attached to a feeding tube and all this other crappy IV's. Not a fun experience dear. You're lucky I really love your stories or I would be highly offended.
12/6/2010 c13 akaCHEEKS
Dude! I have a story like that flat ironing your grilled cheese sandwich! My cousins and I bought a bunch of crabs to cook but after they were done cooking in the pot, we realized we didn't have that cracker thing to break the shell. So we used a real hammer to crack it. It was hella ghetto but it was funny.. Haha
12/6/2010 c12 akaCHEEKS
Haha! Oh my gosh! That's helaa funny! I love this chapter!
12/3/2010 c8 3charmedblush
Hey Penny, just reading your story. Read your authors note at the end of this chapter. I liked that you thought of that! Ok well I shall tell you.

Today was the first day of the christmas holidays. A girl in my class organized a get together for my class at the beach. I arrived late because I wanted to wash my hair and am really lazy. I caught a bus and was going to wait 30 mins to catch the next one but I decided to walk instead because buses in this country are usually late and I guessed that the walk would only take about twenty minutes.

So I have my ipod in my ears and was belting my heart out as I walked across the reserve (it was dead empty); up and down hills I went. I then saw two ducks flying together. What was weird though is that when I found my class and friends at the kids playground the ducks had been stalking myself and my bag of crisps that I was carrying. My friend has an intense fear of birds and didn't think that ducks could fly, so when a guy in my class freaked the ducks out she shrieked to high heaven.

Little did I know that the bus I was going to catch had arrived just two minutes earlier. Stupid buses arriving early when you wish they didn't.

Anyway, we ate, played games, went swimming, played touch rugby, played soccer, talked , climbed trees, tried to stay away from all the little kids after 3 o clock, then had a huge spazz when we heard the ice cream truck jingle coming down the road to park right in front of us.

Mr Whippy in this country is SUPER expensive! Back where I'm from its only 99 pence for a soft cone and a flake! It's $3 bucks here!

Afterwards I walked back up through the reserve to get to my friends house. UPHILL WALKING SUCKS! We have to do a 4.2km run about 4 times a yr for PE in less than half an hour. It wouldn't be that bad, but we start with a hill go down a hill go up some steps, go up a hill, run across a slanted hill trying not to fall over, go up a hill, go down some steps, go up some steps, walk across another slanted hill, then go up a small but HUGELY steep hill, touch a fence, touch a power box (such a stupid idea) then run down the road and across the school field. We basically (to get to my friends house) had to do all the hilly grass stuff in the middle. At the end myself, my friend and two others going to her house as well were so tired we were literally hanging onto each other and have our friend walk for us.

Got to her house, relaxed, and had a nice cold glass of coke each. We were meant to rehearse for the audition; but we got distracted by the tv (humans fatal flaw) and a board game.

This board game (The davinci something) is basically the most boring game I have ever played. maybe because I was versing a mathematical genius who has come top in maths competitions throughout the whole country had something to do with my boredom. But personally I've done puzzles that were more interesting. And i really don't like puzzles.

So we didn't get any rehearsing done because we realised we needed to learn a new yorkan or a nevada(n?) accent. There is nothing on the internet to help anybody wanting to learn a nevada(n?) accent.Very annoying.

Anyway, went home; ate takeaway and after finishing a book (paper) went online and started picking up on where I left off at your story. VERY VERY good by the way. Cannot way to see how it unfolds. Before you apologised for the long conversations between Cole and Charlie. I wouldn't, I really like them.

I know you have a lot of reviews to get and sorry for adding another unimportant one onto your list.

O, just quickly. I HATE the color/colour drama. COLOUR IS CORRECT! Anyway...there's a little rant about american spelling for you. FAVOURITE not FAVORITE...ok I'm done.

Wow this was really long. Sorry. Great story!

11/2/2010 c4 6Kiyura
Hahaha Dead Rear! The home of my roommate!

I can't talk, the place I grew up rhymes with vagina. Huur Saskatchewan.

Anyway I was meaning to review this for the last couple chapters. It's quite cute so far. I really like the way they met, and the weird prostitution thing! This story is refreshingly original for the romance category. I often read things and feel like everything has been done but a shop owner-cum-part time prostitute meeting her love interest while he gets beat up in a bar fight is a pretty hilarious how-we-met, for sure.

Everybody loves cliches, but it's still kind of nice to see a guy and a girl who aren't arch high-school rivals, step-siblings, blah blah...

The dialogue is very witty. I like that this is written so clean and slick-feeling, not bogged down with a lot of description and more following the protagonist's thoughts and everything. I'm liking that you do not wax poetic for paragraphs at a time about Cole's looks.

Good job! Excited to see where this goes.
10/30/2010 c24 YellowRain
I have no words.

I am in love with this story! I read all of it 2 days straight.

On my phone, computer, anywhere I could get it!

Loved all their arguments and sarcastic banters.

Doesn't every writer want to achieve a story like this?

Bah... I'm really bad at reviews.

Just know that I LOVED it. And YOU for writing it. :)

... I kind of feel bad for writing this review when you have 958 reviews already and the writing stopped a year ago. :|
10/27/2010 c23 4anitsirK
There are many things I love in this story. :) I love your characters and their being dynamic and REAL. I ADORE the way you write their conversations. It just seems very real and spontaneous, unlike the planned, corny dialogue traps many authors fall into. Yours is original, entertaining and funny. :) Keep writing.

Although I would suggest that you check your spellings and grammar. Sometimes you lack parts of a phrase or a sentence or you have wrong syntax. And one of your most misspelled words is "soar"-it should be spelled as sore. And another example is the wrong phrasing of "pee yourself/myself" in the context you used it. It should be "pee ON yourself/myself". I just noticed you often forget or neglect to add propositions in some of your phrases/sentences.

But these are just technical stuff. It doesn't change the fact you're a brilliant author. :)
10/13/2010 c23 AngiePants
Uh.Maze.Ing. I absolutely adored every single word of this. You are so freaking talented it's almost sickening. I read this within a span of three days and let me tell you it was difficult tearing myself away from the computer screen. Several parts even brought tears to my eyes. You are a talented writer and keep going! Thanks for this incredible story. :)
10/3/2010 c16 1IJustWantDanceSometimes

i just thought you should know your ANs make my day.

Especially the one when you take notes on them having sex and pretending your lamp. i almost cried i was laughing so hard.

I love this story! I read like ten chapters of the first one but then my sister came in and told me what happened and said i should go on to the second one because she liked Charlie so much better.

im pretty sure the past two days all me and my sister have talked about are your stories and how they just kill us.

you know i just decided im going to tell you about everyone and who i picture because i just feel like typing...

i love Cole. Oh my god...

if you would like to know, i just picture a really amazingly looking Clark Kent (Tom WElling) because oh my god that man makes me smile.

Honestly, i cant figure out who to picture for Charlie, but i do love her. Her and Cole's relationship makes me smile because i like the bickering.

Melody is my favorite supporting character. I love the relationship between her and Cole. Even though they arent siblings biologically they certainly act like it. The chapter when she said sometimes she wonders if it wasnt for him shed be dead. oh i went emotional. It was so sad.

Addison and her baby crack me up. I want to sleep with Cole! I want to sleep with everyone! Sleepover! Haha. best line ever and it was from a four year old.

Stupid Joss. im glad you put her in the story but man she pisses me off. I dont like how she treats Cole. Because in my eyes if you can choose between Cole(in hwhich i picture Tome WElling. Superman!) and Jack? Um... thats like as simple as picking between Jensen Ackles and a stupid vampire. no offense if you like vampires. But seriously i was like are you crazy! But then after my sister told me and i went and started reading the second one i was like oh thank heavens you did not pick Cole! Charlie is so much better!

Aww... Noah makes me smile. he is so shy and innocent in a way that just makes me smile. i dont know why, maybe because he is so tall, idk but i sorta kinda maybe a little in a way picture Jarad Padalecki. Maybe because i just like picturing him.

okay, so now that i have freaked you out with my super creepy long review that you will probably be like i dont care.

i will go read the next chapter!

Until next review...
8/25/2010 c24 L.S. Wilde
oh no i really wanted "C'est la Vie" ! now i am going to have to use my imagination ! oh well onto the third book. oh this story had such a cute ending !
8/25/2010 c1 L.S. Wilde
wow i read your first story in one night ! it was a good story i liked how at first it sounded kind of cliched but then it goes on to seven years later and i love the ending though i did want to hit you for making Joss end with jack instead of Cole but then again if that had happened then you would have to write a sequel about jack and lets face it jack can be hot but it would not be as interesting as it is with Cole . This story is pretty good but i am still not finished. Cole has changed a lot. Also because of your character Charlie i decided to chop my hair short . keep writing stories i enjoy them .
8/25/2010 c23 FauxAfflictions
LOVED this story:)
8/17/2010 c16 WishBlade
The squirrel thing was absolutely hilarious! And when Charlie said she was naming it Penny I laughed even more because I realized that was the author (YOU!)! So yeah. It was pretty amazing. Just saying. =]
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