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11/8/2014 c24 thebluegreeneyedgirl
I just want you to know that this story makes me happy. I go back and reread it a lot. Cole and Charlie have such an awesome dynamitc. Nothing feels forced or made up. If they were real, we'd probably be friends.
4/30/2014 c24 Guest
Omg this was so good thank you so much for writing this story my life is complete
4/17/2014 c24 1twiinklex
Started out not being a big fan of this story because I preferred Joss' personality over Charlie's and I found the plot / characters / relationships pretty bland but you eventually had me sold. I gotta admit, the story and writing really improved a lot towards the end. I liked how emotional the last few chapters were and that's the kind of story I enjoy reading.

Perfect ending, really. I rarely feel satisfied everytime a story ends because it always feels too rushed or inadequate after all the time I spent reading it (even Sleeping With The Enemy made me feel a bit like that, as good as it was and as much as I liked it) but Rough Petals was an exception.

I vote for the high school romance because I'm a sucker for such things. Unfortunately it seems that you are no longer updating... :( hope to see your return soon! You're a good writer.
4/5/2014 c4 holly
This story is so good. I'm makes me so sad to know that you're not writing here anymore.
3/6/2014 c24 Ystarr
Loved it:)
2/17/2014 c23 1Celina Greene
Omg i love this story! 3 i cried during the part with noah, charlie and cole on the roof...silly me!
2/3/2014 c3 Guest
only on the 3rd chapter in and entirely in love with the writing style. The banter is fabulous. It's the little things as well. "She's cute isn't she?" He snorted. "Yeah, if I close my eyes" I just love it! Thanks for your great work, I'm really enjoying this read :)
1/31/2014 c1 CRYSTAL2
this is great so far can't wait to read more!
12/8/2013 c24 PenguinLover33
This story is amazing. Good job!
12/7/2013 c12 Hi
I think this is even better than the prequel. I didn't even think that was possible. You have some major talent for writing- the kind that some people just have. I love all the characters- Cole and his adorable smirk- and I like Charlie better than Joss- probably because she's going to be with Cole. I really like how it the plot turned out- Joss with Jack, so now Cole can find love! :) I just really really love this 3333
10/16/2013 c24 Guest
Oh my gosh, I loved this story sooo much. Sometime I wanted Charlie and Cole to have more romantic scenes, but I just LOVED this story. I read it all in one day!
9/28/2013 c5 1macy8
haha that was adorable
8/28/2013 c24 Guest
You wrote this story a few years ago, but I just wanted to say that it's one of the best fictionpress stories I've read so far. I really adored Cole, and Charlie too (props for that. Too many female characters end up getting on my nerves.) I was halfway through the story before I realized that it was really good and the characters had grown on me.

The scene where Cole came to the rooftop was beautiful. I can't describe my feels. :)

Thanks for writing this! I enjoyed it immensly! :)
8/4/2013 c23 AlanisBRAVO
Oh , man... This story was amazing. I loved every minute of it, I love them together
7/20/2013 c22 2VeronaViridian
OMG! This chapter literally made me cry!
I have tears streaming down my face and everything . .
Thank you so much for writing this!
Looking forward to your future works . .
This story is too cute . . and such an inspiration!
I mean . . on the aspect of hopelessly romantic heroes . . Aww . . Cole is too . . well . . cute!
I see now that I need to come up with more adjectives . . hmm . . off I go now to read a thesaurus!

Verona :)
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