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7/23/2002 c28 brandon f
so savvy, where's chapter 29?...i've been checking as much as possible. i miss us talking. when ya gonna get on? love you babe, brandon
7/22/2002 c27 4b
oh, forgot to add: if gabe spent a few years in bolivia, wouldn't he be speaking spanish?

7/21/2002 c28 b
three days later...

i'm the type of person who cringes at people, ANY people, being lovey-dovey, but this was such a well-written story that i let it pass. ^_^ you're really thinking of publishing this?

like the tension between jake + anthony. do wish it had taken a little longer for b+a to figure things out. damn, they still do those things in nyc schools in 2000? thought it was just in those suburban hick towns (^^;
6/30/2002 c1 fickle-dreamer
yep. its so good. i'm dying to read more... ~_~ awww hurry up a little won't you? ^^;;;
6/17/2002 c28 A
Sav Dear- you haven't forgotten about poor Anthony and Ben now have you? This poor kid is stuck in Ch. 28 waiting to beat the snot out of Jake!That Jake. He is such a Golden Boy himself...

I'm not nagging, just making sure you aren't holding out on us. :)
5/28/2002 c28 Black Llama
Very, very good job with the depression. You write very well. I don't like Jake... Ben and Anthony are very cute. Keep up the good work.
5/28/2002 c1 9nopinion
my dear, you don't exist! You're profile has left the scene! I do hope you come back so checking updates becomes easy.

With love,

4/28/2002 c28 Righ Saunders
Um. Wow. I'm so very taken aback by this story - it's delightful, and I await any further chapters.
4/24/2002 c14 HappyCyclone
WOW, this is amazing! It's so realistic and well written and I just don't know what to say! God, you are an excellent writer! Just thought I'd give you some mid-way feedback cause I love this story so damned much and probably won't be able to read the rest tonight becuase it is 11:30 pm and I got school in the morning, but this is definitely going on my fav. list!
4/20/2002 c21 nobody
i love yur story n all but god... this while psychologist thing is fucking annoying...
4/20/2002 c28 5Emiko1
*confetti* wooo! ^_^ I've been looking forward to chapter 28 for a long while now. I loved the fact that we got to see things from Jake's perspective, although I still don't love Jake himself. I was grinning when Anthony yelled at him, I think I might have even said something like 'you been told, Jake' XD but I'm a loser... and I sometimes see people who I think remind me of Anthony *L* I'll be sorry when this novel is over, but...there could always be side stories...riiight? ^_^
4/20/2002 c28 9nopinion
I love your story more than words can say. Poor Anthony! I'm glad you're starting his backbone for him :)

4/19/2002 c28 98ShadowGal
:::sighs::: There, you see? I think there is a part of Jake that's nice, and kind, and good... And gay. Or at least bi. And he should let that part out to play and grow! :::gets frustrated::: Stupid jerk... I still kinda like him at times though, much as I hate to admit it...

And when Anthy was giving Gabe a bath and Jake listened... :::snuggles Jake and whacks him upside the head::: Why can't he just play nice and make friends with Anthy? :::sighs:::

At least Brenda has the good taste to not like Jake either, since I can't bring myself to not like him. :::makes a face:::

This is a wonderful story, and I hope you update again soon.

Oh... And... :::Cheers and jumps around::: I have a page of reviews almost entirely to myself! See? I knew reviewing every single chapter individually had some sort of benefit to balance out the tediousness... IF that's even a word...

Great wonderful superb, etc. etc. story. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Oh. And completely random thought, but some of the instrumental parts to the songs on Enya's cd A Day Without Rain kind remind me of video game songs. The video games with good soundtracks, that is. Like Lunar, or anything by Squaresoft.
4/19/2002 c27 ShadowGal
You know, I think that Richard is actually one of the most realistic characters I've read in any piece of literature in quite a while. His anger at how things are going, the way he trys to blame everyone else, but deep down knows that he's screwing up too... I don't know. It's just very believable. It made me remember that, yes, grown-ups are real people too. They have emotions and they aren't perfect.

But... Sometimes I wonder... How can Richard and Brenda *not* notice that *something* different is going on between Anthy and Ben? :::shrugs::: I just don't get it... I guess it's that whole sub-conscious parents in denial type thing, maybe?

And I still think that Jake has some sort of repressed crush on Anthy. Or maybe he realizes that he likes Anthy and, like, hates himself or is disgusted with himself because of it? But seriously, why else would he be taking it all out on Anthy? Maybe he has a really sucky homelife.

Let's see... What else... Ah, that's it! I seriously loved your description of Ben's smile. It was so pretty! But Anthy's dub of "love-face" makes me giggle very time I read it... Hee...

Michelle Granger. Granger. Hermione Granger. I now want to go write Harry Potter fanfics. Hmm... :::ponders::: Oh. Sorry...

Okay. Regardless of his reasons for acting the way he does, I am coming *very* close to hating Jake. Stupid jerk...

I feel very sorry for Anthy. Poor baby.

Bunny. :::jumps around grinning::: Bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny... :::giggles::: Like from the RPGs, 'specially the FF games. In the bars. Or on the Lunar games. :::laughs::: Bunny bunny bunny... Hee hee hee... Ahem. :::tries to look serious but fails:::

Oh. One 'lil thing. "I never thought of as, you know, rescuing or whatever." Shouldn't that be "I never thought of *it* as, you know, rescuing or whatever."? Sorry, just wanted to point it out 'cause it bothered me.

Alright. Another superb chapter, and it's right there in the top as far as what chapters I like best. Very very very very very :::takes a breath::: very very very good. :::nods::: Yup.
4/19/2002 c26 ShadowGal
Hmm. You know, it'd be kinda disturbing for me to have a psyciatrist (Ah, I spelled it wrong again! Oh well, I've never been able to spell that stupid word; that's what spell-check is for) that says "Uh" and "Uhhm" all the time, ya know?

And I like Brenda a lot, 'cause at least she trys her best to be a good mom. But Richard... Let's not go there.

Ben and Anthy should go live in a place full of rainbows and happy things. And take Gabe with them, for good measure.

That was random, I know. But... :::giggles::: It'd be cute, ya know? Yeah.
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