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4/19/2002 c10 98ShadowGal
Hmm. Slightly angsty chapter... Kinda sweet and sour, ya know? Good one. I liked it. And... I dunno. I wanna hate Jake, but I just can't. I'm doing my term theme paper over patterns in serial killings (mainly the mental patterns), and I'm involving how you can keep someone from being a serial killer by cutting off the problem of how they think at the root of it all.

That's kinda how I see Jake. So... I can't really hate him. A bit weird, maybe, but... Whatever.

Nice chapter, just to make sure I haven't forgotten to say that. :::laughs:::

And... Ben calling Anthony "baby" is cute.
4/19/2002 c9 ShadowGal
"This week, on The Trouble With Being A Teen, Anthony Reeves discovers a big secret about himself. What is it...? Tune in tomorrow night at eight to find out!" :::Giggles::: That's great. Actually, I say stuff like that a lot, but it's ususally "Next, on Shows Nobody Will Watch: When Angry Mexican Girls Attack!" Always the same channel... And I actually said that quote to a friend of mine when she was angry at someone. She's half Mexican, and thought it was hilarious.

:::blinks::: Uhhm... Why'd I bother just typing all that? It's not like anybody really wanted to know that... :::giggles::: Oh well!

And I liked Anthony's poem. :::pets Anthony on the head::: Good boy. I wuv you no matter what. :::laughs::: Yup, idiot fan-girl here... But that's okay!

"Oh, you know... he thought, The usual guy stuff. Discovering each other's sexuality, sleeping together, making out..." :::Laughs her head off::: That's too perfect... Ah hah ha...

But I feel really sorry for poor Anthony's mommy. I hope I don't make my Mom feel that way... :::feels guilty::: Hmm... Bad me; I bet I have and didn't realize it. :::sighs:::

And the scene at the end, about the hickey and Anthony's parents, was hilarious. Thank goodness for Gabe!

Okay. I've babbled waaaay too much in this review, so I'll shut up and move on now.

Good chapter.
4/19/2002 c8 ShadowGal
:::sniffles::: I want a Benanthony aura, too! It sounds like a sure-fire way to cheer people up, and that would *seriously* come in handy. :::Grins::: Ya know?

"Ben's smooth voice came again like a warm, slick, Benanthony lullaby." What a pretty line... Gah. Man. You're going to know *all* the lines I like best from each chapter at this rate... I'm sorry! :::bows:::

Let's see. What else. Uhhm... This was such a super-cute chapter! And I like Ben's mom so far. And... I wonder. I have a purply-blue lava lamp, but I've never bothered looking at what color the light it puts off is in the dark. I think I'll look at that when I'm going to bed tonight. (I'm SUCH a dork sometimes...)

Well, great chapter. Loved it. Gotta go read more. Yup yup. :::nods:::
4/19/2002 c28 Banana
Well, you left me to marinate on all those scary thoughts of William by my lonesome so I came to read. I'm glad you finally explored Jake's feelings a little more, I think there's more under that exterior than we realize. Maybe his walls are higher and stronger that even Anthony's. The irony of Jake with angel's wings, that was good. lol.
4/18/2002 c28 2ivy alias
I saw a new chapter was posted. I smiled.

Anthony showed a lot of backbone, I smiled.

I'm still smiling.

I love this story.

More, more.. And uh, could you post more?

Sorry, I think I'm being rather pushy.. ^^;
4/18/2002 c28 Ashna
*gives you BIG hug!* YAAAAY! You updated! YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!

I LOVE this story so much! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!
4/18/2002 c28 1.5 fan
YESSSSSS! Sooo long have I waited for an update! This is just great, I love how the story's going! Thanks for writing!
4/18/2002 c28 6Lux Alexander
*squeals and launches herself in a flying glomp* Chapter update! Chapter update! CHAPTER UPDAAAATE! WAIIII! *cracks up* This is great! *beams* I can't wait to see what happens with the play. And Jake... *shakes her head* I dunno... maybe there's hope for him yet *smiles* Ooh, camping *wiggles eyebrows suggestively* That sounds interesting, lol ^_^ As usual, utterly wonderful... 'nuff said :)
4/18/2002 c7 98ShadowGal
"Ben appreciated good comedy, Anthony appreciated good acting. Their tastes dovetailed nicely." I know, I know. I choose the oddest lines to like... But for some reason, that line is great! Made the story just that much more realistic, I suppose...

Oh, just so you know, it took me FOREVER to get through this chapter. I just knew that *something* was going to happen, and I was so anxious that I almost didn't want to read. Keyword here being almost. But when I say forever, I mean, like, at least 30 minutes. I was so afraid you were going to make my boys overly unhappy and buried in angst, and I didn't wanna risk having to read that.

I knew the moment Anthony found the letter that it wasn't from Ben. Not when Ben was still silently angsting to himself about liking another guy. I just *knew* it was Jake. And I felt soo sorry for Anthony.

I knew there just *had* to be angst coming up. Or at least unhappy drama. So, to avoid that, as soon as I got to the beginning of the letter part... I scrolled automatically to the end of the chapter and read it backwards. :::Grins::: I know, I know... That's cheating, and I'm a wimp.

But this was a very good chapter. I love the emotions of the boys. :::cheers::: Must go read more now.
4/18/2002 c6 ShadowGal
Yay! ::cheers:: More friendly interaction between Anthony and Ben!

The Ben Aura. I *love* The Ben Aura. I must have one for myself. I can see it being advertised now... "The Ben Aura! Better than Prozac, chocolate, or alcohol! Buy it now to end your troubles! Cute guy not included." :::laughs:::

Anyways, great great chapter. This is a wonderful story so far, I'm really loving it. Gotta go read the next chapter now...
4/18/2002 c5 ShadowGal
I like Mr. Cortez. And I don't like Jake. At all. And I love Ben.

Just wanted those to be known.

:::cuddles Anthony::: Poor baby...
4/18/2002 c28 2Sabrosa
Excellent, excellent job Arienette! Now, don't get me wrong, I love Ben, he's a perfect example of loyalty and peace, but I can't help but be intrigued by Jake's character. Yes, I'm sure that almost everyone wants to see more Ben and Anthony action, but I already know that their relationship is pretty much secure. What I am really interested in is the relationship between Jake and Anthony: How they interact and how they will conclude their hostility toward one another. Very accurate description of Jake's conflicting emotions!
4/18/2002 c4 98ShadowGal
"Most people in Manhattan either grinned or smirked. Anthony Reeves smiled." I'm not sure why, but that line is just perfect. And it made me wonder... Do I smile?

As for the rest of the chapter... Very emotionally powerful, at least for me.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...
4/18/2002 c3 ShadowGal
Oi. Lot's of emotional turmoil; I know the feeling. Very good story so far. Poor Anthony... This was a very, *very* well written chapter, I liked it very much.
4/18/2002 c28 38Nozomi ga Kanau
Woot! Kudos for ya in getting the chapter out! It was great; I'd just like to slam Jake's face into the wall, although it sounds like he's gay/bi and is just so prejudice that he's taking it out on the 'local gay'.
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