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4/18/2002 c2 98ShadowGal
Yay, new character! New *male* character! :::cheers::: Must read...
4/18/2002 c1 ShadowGal
Very good so far. I really like Anthony, but Gabe makes me shudder; I know Anthony's feelings 'cause I've babysat tons of lil kids before. I'm going to go read some more now.
4/18/2002 c28 Kia
that was such a great chapter and it's about time you updated! Jake is such an asshole who doesn't even realize he has a crush on Anthony and Ben is the sweetest guy alive! Please update soon! It's taking forever!
4/16/2002 c1 kelsey
It just occured to me that, in essence, my parents (more specifically my mother) are just like Anthony's...I didn't read them as so obvioulsy bad as everyone else seems to...I know where Anthony's coming from, and I can empathize...so well...too well...
4/7/2002 c27 eVulPUnkeTTe
I love this story so far! You should write a Boys Of Saint Gabriel ficcie, that would be interesting. This is acually more believable as a true life story than most slash you read. Not overly romantic or angsty. Keep up the good work!
4/5/2002 c27 Roarke
Do you know what I spent the last few hours doing? All I did was read your story and eat my breakfast, at the computer desk, mind you. Thats how much I love your story. My favorite chapter was the one right before Crucifixtion I. My othe favorite scene was when Trevor was killed, it was just something about the way you wrote that one. It was told with such emotion, but when you really looked at your tone it was very matter of fact and apathetic. It reminded me of A Modest Proposal. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like permission to plug your fic in my deadjournal.
4/4/2002 c27 2Fushigi Venus
wowowowowow! this story is seriously once of the top 5 stories i've ever read. from the first chapter i was hooked(usually that's pretty odd for me, i usually need to read at least the first 3-4 chapters to really get into a story). i felt so many emotions while i was reading the 27 chapters. i can def. relate to a lot of anthony's feelings during the story. i want a ben of my own! ((sobsob)) anyways, plllllease write more of the story soon. i'm going to end up re-reading the whole thing many times over until chapter 28 is posted. okay, too many unconnected thoughts going through my brain right now. you are an awesome writer...please write more soon! ^_^
3/22/2002 c27 1Christopher G Part 2
Just writing this to let you know I read it. I am complacent w/ the chapter. How hilarious is it that he got paired w/ his mortal enemy? (LOL) can things get any worse for this guy?
3/19/2002 c27 Crimson Ray
* sniff* This is the best thing in the whole world, I have been reading this for ever. I LOVE this beautiful piece of work! *cries* ...I'm...speechless...this is just so beautiful. PLEASE, update this as soon as possible, I must find out what happens in the end. I wish I had your talent, you are a great writer. Keep going, you're the best. ^_^
3/18/2002 c27 2HumanDefault
Damn. That was SOOO good. *sob* You have to write more! You're an amazing writer, too! But it's a good thing you DIDN'T make this into a novel or I wouldn't be able to read it *sigh* Stict parents and all. They say they aren't homophobes but whatever. Yeah well, anyway, keep up the awsome work!
3/11/2002 c27 2ivy alias

Just, wow.

This has to be one of the absolute *best* stories on ffnet. References are spot on, characterization is fantastic. Language is conveyed as not mere dialogue, but as conversation. Absolutely wonderful.

I'm a huge fan of the lovely Ted Geisel references. Some of the fondest childhood memories I have involve being read Seuss.

(My only gripe is a few spelling errors and such, but they're not enough to encroach on the general enjoyment of the story.)

If you ever want a beta reader, just ask. I'd love to help out.
2/28/2002 c27 6Lux Alexander
Oh... /my/ god. I've been glued to this story all day and haven't been able to stop reading it. That's a hell of a lot of reading! But it's worth it. This is, without a doubt, the most well-written story I've *ever* seen on fanfiction.net. This is totally beyond novel-quality. Your writing isn't so much writing as it is a novel written in pure poetry of words... and no matter how sappy that sounds (I really can't believe I typed that) it's *so* true. You weave an inexorable tale of love and hardship, epitomizing the /world/ in this simple Manhatten Love Story ^_^ I adore the title, the chapter titles, the characters, the quotes, and the small things that make the rest of the story seem so much bigger; things that just stand out. "No I don't want a tylonol and no I don't know what time Train A will crash into Train B" comes to mind (I've probably butchered it while paraphrasing, though ^^) And Gabe, too - a true sense of realism and a bit of comic relief. Feets! A million applauses for you! I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment, and just regret that I can't figure out how to channell my own words into a more suitable review that really shows how much I *admire* how effortly you seem to write, one large step above everybody else. ^^;; You've given me a new plateau of greatness to strive for *smiles* Both in the fact that this is so long, and so great.
2/27/2002 c27 wc
Okay, I have finally finished reading this story. It has taken me about an entire week. Anyways, it is a wonderful and sad story. I just hope that there's a happy ending for both of them. I only found one problem with it. In many cases, you used the word 'lied'-as in lied beside him, but I think it's actually laid. I don't know if it's a mis-spelliing or incorrect tense, but you might want to look it up. Keep up the great work. I'm totally addicted to this story!
2/23/2002 c27 3CSMars
oh wow! I've finally finished reading this story... that took... 6 hours? out of my research paper time... *sigh* oh well, this is a great story! I really enjoyed reading it and hope you'll continue soon. The story's a tad dark for me and well, not something I'm familiar with since I have this GREAT relationship with my parents (yeah, they know I read stories about gay guys because I think they're cute) that most of my friends are jealous of, so it's hard to imagine the relationship between Anthony and his parents... anyway, continue! Please!
2/22/2002 c27 9nopinion
congrats on your new toy, by the way. Fantastic story, as I said once before. It's like magic, or cocain, ya know, addictive reading.
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