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2/19/2002 c17 9nopinion
Okay, I've waited long enough without commenting. I love this story. All the sappy lost puppy-ish things that are affecting the both of your beautiful characters is wonderful. I'm hooked. And for this chapter of poems, the third one down is very good, very cummings.
2/16/2002 c27 Belligerent
Well, looks like I'm getting a little behind again, but I'm glad to see that there's been an update to this. Loved that scene between the jocks and Anthony and Ben. You portrayed the boys' emotions with intelligence and insight which is something not very many people can accomplish. That last kissing scene was also nice; a very loving touch that can just melt in your mouth! Great job again and hope to hear from you soon.
2/12/2002 c27 IndiAnna
Ah. Bad me. I haven't reviewed like a faithful follower should. *slaps self* Excuse the name, I'm having Jordan withdrawals. lol.

As for Anthony and Ben, three cheers. And I didn't skip a THING, like I'm sure you thought I would. You know, Sav dear, you have stuck me into a stereotype, don't underestimate me. ;) Grr, Jake is reminding me more and more of GoldenBoy. It literally makes me cringe. It's people like that who make me want to become a serial killer. Well, I'm exaggerating, but you get the point. It's time for a BYA brawl! Right in the gym, Ben and Jake. hehe. Make somebody lose an ear, or other important appendage. Ok, so I'm going overboard again. Well, ahem. This is embarrasing...um. I can't believe this is almost over. I'll miss these guys. *runs for tissue* They're so beautifully created that I see Anthony and Ben as real people. *sigh* So where's the ending where we find out Jake is also gay and just jealous? I'm *pretty* sure that's the real-life scenario. *snickers*
2/10/2002 c27 Sakuli
*sigh*...*wipes eyes* how romantic! how cute! YAY! I'll buy this when it gets published! *hint hint*
2/8/2002 c27 Sarah
yay! an update! My daily checking had been rewarded. ^_^ I want to KNOW what's going to happen. I'm dying for a happy ending. O PLEASE! Have pity. O yea, Thank you for a wonderful story.
2/6/2002 c27 B-Fo
the whole gym hug scene was the shit. ben reminds me of JA and i like that. i love the whole macho/guy defenseless deal where he is so caring. you never see that side of a macho guy unless you are their gf, cuz you are right how ben said that anthony only knows him for his true self, and everyone else thinks he's tough heartless jock. so to show that a jock can still care and love and hurt is amazing. and like i said, i like it cuz it reminds me of JA. too much fun going on here!
2/6/2002 c27 Ashna
YYAAAAAAAAAYY! i was able to read the chapter! Happy happy happy. Anyways loved it to peices and POOR ANTHONY! Gods I can't imagine being stuck with someone like that for a project. My teachers were never That sadistic. *shudders* Gah scary just thinkin about it.
2/5/2002 c27 Ashna
uummmmm the chapter didn't load properly. It cutz off half way through the second paragraph. Pleeeaaaase fix soon. i really want to read! *cries* No fair... snif... snif
1/31/2002 c26 suninun
You are now on my list of top 5 favorite authors. You got me hooked with MLS!

I can't wait until you post more chapters! Hurry!
1/21/2002 c26 Ashna





Aw man this sux. I wanted more! Ah well... I'll wait however impatiently...
1/21/2002 c26 Ashley
Gah!I need more
1/21/2002 c5 Ashna
*about the Goth comments* HEY! We do not all do that! *gets all huffy.. thinks for a moment* Oh wait... *looks at white face make-up and her obsession with staying out late at night* Sigh...never mind...

Good story so far. Very well done indeed. Reading more now. Just had to act all indignant and stuff for no reason.
1/11/2002 c26 MajikzPawn
There wasn't any of Ben in that chapter but it was still great no matter what. Please hurry and post the next chapter, I think i'm beginning to have MLS withdrawl...kinda scary huh?
1/9/2002 c26 Kitten
I luv this story. I've been waiting for an update forever. I dunno how you manage to write so well I wish I could do that.

Anyway please update soon. They're such a sweet couple and You've successfully made me hate Anthony's parents. Okay whatever bye.
12/30/2001 c26 38Nozomi ga Kanau
Though there wasn't much BxA in that chapter, you were right about it showing us the relationship between Anthee's arents and shrink. Again, I was stunned at your writing abilities, along with a bit envious. :P Keep writing! Ja~ Brady
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