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12/24/2001 c26 1Christopher G Part 2
Okee. Good writing as usual and I suppose that will hold me for a while. However, I cannot shake the feeling that something is supposed to be about to happen and you're jsut dancing around it . . . .
12/22/2001 c26 5Emiko1
Aww...I feel Anthony's pain. Being tortured in school has made me paranoid .
12/21/2001 c26 Belligerent
Written with accuracy and wonderful perception. The way you're setting the layout for the relationship between Anthony and his parents is very good. I felt remarkable tension, as if I were Anthony myself by the way Brenda almost nags at the poor kid and Richard is just plain old inept. Yet, you can feel the strain and anguish that the two feel over their obvious cluelessness at Anthony's behavior and how they should go about helping him. Should they listen to the Dr. or should they try to figure out how to deal with all of this on their own? Plus, I practically wanted to slap Brenda silly when she made the remark about 'not abandoning his relationship with God' and him being a 'late bloomer.' Yeah, like that's really going to do any good or solve matters. Hmmm...makes me feel like you're writing about my mom. ^_^
12/14/2001 c25 11Nayami
Wolw! This story seems so realistic. Everything is played out so beautifully too. I totally adore both Ben and Anthony. They are presented so well. Must see more of this.
11/25/2001 c25 M
What a strange dream! ^_^ lol, i laughed...a lot...this is good!
11/13/2001 c25 1Christopher G Part 2
Thanks for another good chapter. I think they handled the sex thing well, with both of them being novice. I think they went just as far as people their age should go, SHOULD they do anything at all. I almost don't want this to end.
11/9/2001 c25 Brady
YES! Next chappie! This one was GREAT! I loved the whole 'first time, not gonna be even close to perfect' thingie. ^_^ Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase continue!
11/9/2001 c25 Emiko lazy kid
I read this awhile ago! But had to get off before I could review .
11/6/2001 c25 B-Fo
11/5/2001 c1 vspirit
wow. haven't read something as powerful and as seat-glueing as your story for a while...it's a great piece of work and i mean it. i'm a huge fan and collector of anime and manga myself as well as being a total yaoi enthusiast but even with that, it's not easy to find quality works like yours. i read fanfiction, too and it's really been a long time since i last read a good piece of original(yes, original, and there *are* several good ones out there but they're either finished or not updated even very seldom...shich emans, not at all, just short of officially announcing them discontinued, that's all, and i haven't found anything that i personally like so much since...i was so happy to have come across your story, and wondered wy i haven't come acros it sooner...i also have a friend who writes wonderfully like you but she's been busy so one has gotta understand *sigh*) work... and i have my own ideas on how anthony look like as i was reading it(heh, heh). it's also what kept me reading, riveted. I see that as you write, you improvize and you should be able to do good in the book-writing industry next time, whatever it is you may write, yaoi or not *grin*. you'd be doing us all a favor by publishing your works, they're simply amazing...in the meantime, i'm very happy that it's free and available online...thank you very much for sharing your gift, ne? ^_~ be pining for following chpts and works from you...oh yeah, also, about Ben...he seem more 25 than 15, ne...very cool...i keep forgetting that he's even younger than i am...guess my generation's past, i must be geting old *grin*...wondering if i'm older than you as well, heh...oh well, this review must have been too long...be looking forward to more of your wonderful ability-sharing! (wait, *that* didn't come out right...)
11/4/2001 c25 L.E. Lamkin FF.Net has kicked me out
This chapter was SO the best ever! I was so excited and hyped up for it, and it definitely did not disappoint. The "encounters" in this chapter were just perfect. They went along with how the characters really are, and it did justice to the entire novel. It would have smacked of self-mocking teen romance if you would have gone through all the stuff you've gone through and made them have this sudden meaningful night of bliss that made everything right. It just wouldn't fit with the rest of the book. (With E/P, it's an entirely different story...hehehehehehehe). Anywho. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you went about the blow-job section of the chapter. It was much more creative to show it through their dialogue (mainly Ben's, of course) instead of straight-up describing. That could get boring and you could probably fall into a monotonous pattern. The way you did it was great, though. And the "incident" was also a good thing to throw in there. It was interesting to explore all of Anthee's misgivings and his thoughts about it. You can truly see the character growing and changing, becoming a different person. A lot of people don't really grasp that anymore, but you truly now how to show character development. Of course, there were also many small points and bits of dialogue that I just loved from this chapter. Most of 'em were from Ben, 'cause he's just a big ol' sweety pie. I love 'em dearly. Hehe. All in all, this chapter was bootylicious, and I give it an A++. You did excellently, Savvy, and I can't wait until Chapter 26.
11/4/2001 c25 Belligerent
Whewwww! Awwwww! Okay, I'll stop making little noises now, but I love the way you do these scenes, they have a way of being romantic, yet not too cheesy. But what really distinguishes you from other writers is your ability to insert the realistic aspects of m/m sexual situations. Yeah, they're horny, yeah, they wanna get it on with eachother, but writers tend to leave out the bleeding that can sometimes occur when characters are having their uhhh...nether regions probed. Anyway, loved this chapter, been waiting for it for about six loooong months now. But another thing that I have to bring up is 'After the Boys of Summer.' Please, please, please get the next chapter out! It was just getting really really good. Think about your fans!
11/3/2001 c4 Kate
I have always distrusted the Bible. I mean until the 17th century the Popes wrote in whatever they wanted to. That passage doesn't come from God, if it does I loath myself for worshipping a spirit that is so hateful. Sorry, I just really dislike that passage.
10/20/2001 c24 3La Femme Voxxe
good as always! this chapter was kinda slow tho, but i guess it'll lead up to something more exciting, other than that, i loved it! btw, this is angellyfish...not shiro tenshi... ^-^;
10/19/2001 c24 5Emiko1
^_^ Amazing, as usual! I love how real it all is... The way he dyes his hair black, but wushed nobody would notice. Thats something I would do . *L* I laughed at the part about Ben being God, with all the innuendo and commandments! It was great! The way he reacts to everything feels right, and can I say...Anthee is the cutest nickname EVER! Yes. Waiting patiently for the next chapter, Emiko ^_~ heee!
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