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9/27/2001 c23 Passerby
You did NOT just do that! You did not just leave off at this chapter. No! I want more damn you! LOL, seriously though, I am just fascinated with this story and I would really like for you to write chapter 24.
9/27/2001 c21 2L.E. Lamkin
Jeezy pete's, Savannah B. You thought this chapter was boring! This chapter was wonderfully crafted and I could literally feel Anthony's trepidation and his worried and frenzied motions inside the office were just...so realistic, it felt like I was watching a video feed of an actual therapist meeting. You are so good at creating realistic scenes and fleshing characters out, making them feel REAL. Not many people can do that, AND have an awesome story for their characters to get mixed up in. I have to say, I like Dr. Brian, even though it might seem that I'm biased (hehehe) but he seems like a really good man, just out to help little Anthee. I'm looking forward to seeing Anthony interacting more with Ben, and the eventual "interaction" you've been teasing me with for such a long time. :P
9/23/2001 c23 1Setsunna
Why did he do that? I don't get it...I'm confused! But I liked it anyway^.~
9/8/2001 c20 2L.E. Lamkin
::blinks:: Such rage...such violence...such unabided hatred. I loved every single second of it! Savannah...I had no idea you had this cookin'. I guess I should've stayed caught up a long time ago. I'm sure glad I finally finished this chapter (how long did I wait? heh). Anyway, this chapter was extremely great. I feel like I keep saying the same shtuff over and over, but you know that I deeply love this novel and that I have supported you in it since almost the beginning. Poor Ben, at least he got to let some of his anger out. I was truly afraid after he threw that can of Old Spice. I thought that Jake was gonna crush his head in...that woulda put a damper on things. ::sigh:: Now, it's on to the therapy stuff, right? I just know it's gonna make me depressed. But a good-depressed...cuz it's good writing. ::nods:: That's my story 'n I'm stickin to it. :)
9/8/2001 c22 Emily Idle
I just want to say that this is incredibly intense. It's painful to read but it's beautiful in it's pain. I am riveted.
9/4/2001 c22 angellyfish
i've read everything up to this point...now why haven't i reviewed? i unno...actually i'm kind of a fan of ur fanfics and i should be reviewing but i've been in a slump lately. now, on with the review!

this is an amazing story and a very original one at that. this isn't something that u'd read a lot of fanfic or anywhere else for that matter.

i also like ur characters. they are so realistic and seem very real.. (i know, that sounded odd... o.0) u know what i mean... :P

the plot is amazing there are a lot of twists and turns but in a somewhat subtle way so that the plot doesn't become too unrealistic. (ya wanna keep that realism thing in there!)

i actually believe all the stuff that u write in ur story, thus far, u have an amazing use of vocabualary words. But not in a dull-i-just-looked-this-up-to-sound-smart kind of way, it actually adds to the story, which most writers on this site and others have a hard time doing.

Also, all the scenarios in ur story r very detailed and it's a surprise every time

all and all, i just wanna say that ur story is so good! and that i hope u post more chapters SOON! C'ya!
9/3/2001 c22 AntaBanana10
I just dropped in to give Anthee a much needed hug! Actually, I was remembering what you said earlier and thought I'd suprise you with my second review(count 'em,two!). You know I've been following MLS. I just give one-on-one reviews I suppose. *smiles* It's a rainy Monday...wonder if it's raining in Manhatten? Hmm? Since our earlier conversation I've...well, actually I've been sitting here at the computer. Yeah, that long. Had one of those light-bulb-in-the-brain epiphanies(CRUEL IRONY! GRR!).I thought about it too long. I think too much. Maybe it's that hazy daze I've been drifting around in. Rainy days do not help such things. Interrupted by the occasional sneeze of course. *sneezes* The bunny left I think. I hope. This all sounds scrambled...feels scrambled. lol. *laughs woozily* My head is a frying pan...whooo! Think it's time for more meds!

Well anyway, Anth *sniff* and Ben are gettin' along. Let's get moving, I'm staying caught up; this is no way to punish me! It's an icky day, good mood to write. Even I was in the mood to write! Scary, I know! Are you to the point of unraveling yet? Am I making any sense? lol. Whoa, look at the pretty dots! No more cranes, no more cranes! *falls to knees sobbing uncontrollably*

BTW-Did you remember the kitty thing Saturday or was it just one of those things only I thought was funny? lol.
9/1/2001 c22 allegra
I am so completely, head-over-heels, in love with this novel, these characters, your writing... I live to see how this all works out. This was such a sweet, yet torturous, chapter. Why why why can't more guys be like Ben huh? I love Anthony, don't get me wrong, if I *had* to choose a favorite it would be him (actually, it would be Gabe but...lol). But Ben... the way Ben has dealt with everything is just stunning. I want to send everyone I'm close to, to read this entire story and memorize the way Ben has behaved and then..hehehe, test them on it, but that's off the topic. I only wonder though if he's going to break soon, I mean, its going into the third month with Anthony like this and he's not really opening up to Ben at all... And speaking of Anthony..much as I absolutely loathe and despise medication, especially for any kind of depression that isn't caused by a chemical imbalance, is he *ever* going to take the pills? Obviously he isn't able to work any of it out in his head, and he doesn't seem like he's going to be letting anyone else help anytime soon...and somehow I don't think sex with Ben is going to cure him. Please please please don't let them break up. I swear.. it'll kill me outright to read that! They are too perfect for each other, they couldn't possibly be truly happy without one another. It is 5:30 in the morning and if I was actually conscious I would write a better review but I couldn't wait and I want you to know how much I am awed by your skill at writing and how much I truly appreciate it. As always, I loved this chapter, painful as it was to realize it only covered one day of the year and there are 364 more days waiting to be written about. The next chapter can never come soon enough for me, meanwhile I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs and dream of running into a real live Ben, or better yet, Anthony. ::sigh:: god, I love this story.
8/30/2001 c21 1Christopher G Part 2
Well, he didn't help at all. Did you purposely name the doctor after you know who? I'm kinda sad that this is the last chapter so far. What am I suupposed to do until then, huh? (smile)
8/29/2001 c12 Christopher G Part 2
Okay, it's official. I so totally HATE you for putting together such a well-written and well-paced piece of fiction. I'm really enjoying this, Arienette. I'm enjoying it so much that I am offering to help you. I remember earlier, you were trying to come up with another title since this one was tentative. May I suggest: "Manhattan Boy Play" or "Concrete Jungle Fever"? Just kidding . . .
8/27/2001 c8 Christopher G Part 2
"Jesus, Ben. He's not going to wanna come back if you don't give him anything to eat. I don't want him going back home saying we didn't feed him. Go and ask him if he wants some pizza or something." That sounds a lot like me. If Ben had invited me over to his house and didn't feed me, we'd have one hell of an argument later on. I love this story. I love it so much, I hate you. Just kidding.
8/24/2001 c7 Christopher G Part 2
I haven't seen TITANIC and I think the moon landing was a hoax. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
8/24/2001 c6 Christopher G Part 2
I remember what else I was going to say about that last chapter. Anthony should've kicked Jake's butt for disrespecting him like that. Why does he have to be so passive? Hope you don't think I'm flaming you, because I'm not. I never do that and I would never continue to read a story I felt was flame-worthy. But you know how you watch a movie and it has great cinematography and great dialogue and everything that makes a movie great but you just wish the main character wouldn't have went into the cellar when the audience knows the killer is down there?
8/24/2001 c5 Christopher G Part 2
"'That's sick, Reeves,' Ben said. Then, after a moment, he added, 'They're not my type. They'd probably tie me to the bed or something.' Oh God, Anthony thought, and he felt his face grow hot. Oh God, oh God, oh Holy Mother Mary, why did he have to say that? There's a new one for the boys downstairs to think about. Bless me Father, for I have sinned." LOL! That's funny stuff and sometimes I think like that myself. Sorry I'm on such a low chapter and that I haven't read/reveiwed in a while. I'm almost tempted to post the book I'm writing with similar subject matter and the same amount of humor. The only 2 things that really bothered me was (1) the scene around the book of poetry. No one really does that, do they? And even at such an immature level I've seen males be impressed with one another for reading something as insightful as poetry. Eventhough guys can be Neandrathals at that age, they never called each other "fairy" or anything like that. And (2) the "f" word on the locker. Seemed a little premature since Tony's not a flamer and no one really knows his secret. And I didn't know people still did that. I thought they just beat you up! Maybe it's because I'm from a slightly different culture.
8/24/2001 c21 allegra
I always end up getting to the end of one of your chapters and sitting here forever thinking that anything i write in this box is going to come out idiotic in reference to the genius of your writing. (I'm sorry! I haven't reviewed in forever and I feel terribly guilty for it, I assure you) I guess authors prefer constructive comments but...I'm sorry, there's nothing i can say that isn't some form of praise about this novel or your writing. Honestly, I think it gets better with each chapter and I don't know what on earth I'm going to read when this ends. (Please please please say that isn't going to happen for a long time yet!) Anthony's parents tick me off pretty bad but...it's nothing compared to how I feel about this therapist! Arrgh, just like them to throw pills at the problem. I can't say enough about how you've progressed with this story. I was worried you'd bring Ben and Anthony together and then the storyline would become...almost predictable. Shame on me for doubting you skill. Every chapter only grabs the reader (or any smart reader that is) and drags them in deeper and onto this rollercoaster of emotion. I forget that this is fiction I'm *reading* and not reality I'm watching play out. I can just picture everything that happens in my mind so clearly as I'm reading it...its becoming hard to drag myself back into the real world where there are no devoted Bens or beautiful troubled Anthonys (at least not in my little corner of the world). I truly hope that someday you turn this into an actual published work. Maybe this is just wishful thinking or me being over-zealous but only an idiot would turn down publishing an author like you. Your writing is just stunning and I wait on baited breath for the next chapter.
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