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5/13/2008 c31 firedraygon97
That was - rather abrupt, I must say.

In any case, I loved the relationship between Anthony and Ben. They fit each other so well. Haha, each time they were getting it on I kept thinking someone would walk in on them. Thanks for not making the discovery a huge soap opera. XD Nice work with this.

8/13/2007 c31 3purple sea
you should seriously add a 5 year later epilogue, it seems like it hasn't been concluded somehow. great story.
7/5/2007 c9 Sy Druid
I first stumbled across this piece of writing when it was in the beginning stages, around the end of my 8th grade year. Now, I'm 20 and I'm STILL hooked on this. For the longest time I completely forgot about this and last night I was frantically trying to find it, and voila, I did.

M.L.S. has had such an impact on my life personally, just due to the fact that when I was first reading it, I was struggling with my own sexuality and reading this, up until the end, was a basis of support for me. Your characters are completely realistic and that's why I could relate to both of them. And while I know what will happen at the end, I will continue to read this over and over. Thank you so much for a wonderful piece of writing that has helped me in more than one way. You totally rock and are an amazing author.
5/6/2007 c26 AnnaG.Luv
i like how there was a subtle transition from Anthony calling his dad Dad, and calling him Richard. Where as he still calls his mom Mom.
12/29/2006 c4 Midnights Scream
Wow...I like it. Very good!:)
11/3/2006 c1 4Lexy-Kun
This chapter was uploaded five years ago, but nevermind I'm writing a little review anyway (little because it's late, 2:20 a.m there).

I like it, I don't have the impression to read something on a website written by someone who's just giving it a try (like I have most of the time when I read something on fictionpress), I actually have the feeling that I'm reading a book. Plus, this thirst chapter is so realistic ! I feel exactly the same thing when I have to take care of my little nephew (who's know 4 years old and still has the special wail you're talking about and his parrot habits).

Thanks for the first chapter, I'm priting the second one and I'll read it in my warm and confortable bed. I can't wait to read it ! I already love Anthony, and I think I'll fall in love with Ben as well.

Thank you again and again.
10/30/2006 c31 ta
Manhattan Love Story is definitely the best high school based love story in fictionpress, DEFINITELY. I read it first about a year ago and keep coming back to read it again, and again.. It's THAT good.
5/30/2006 c31 Instant-Soup
I know this is really old, but after two days of reading, it is definately one of the best on this site. The ending was perfect for the story. So thank you to the author for making me feel to involved.x
3/7/2006 c31 3D.H. L'Orange
very nice story! loved your characters and how the situations that you portrayed seemed so real. This was one of the few fic's i've read where i spent each chapter wondering what was going to happen; i couldn't tell from the beginning of the story (or even in the middle of the story) how it was going to end.

only thing that i was disappointed with was that there was no resolution with Anthony's father. After reading Richard's character, i can understand how he blew up when he was drunk and found the poem, but i think as soon as Richard wakes up and realizes what he did he'd feel really guilty/ashamed. I would love to read an epilogue where Anthony and his parents finally talk about everything.

anywho... great story! Added it to my fav's list!

: )

12/28/2005 c31 Samantha G
I believe at one point you were trying to get thise published. Have you ever taken up the fight again? I find this sort of fiction has been accepted very well recently. Just wishful thinking. I enjoyed this story years ago and I'm glad I have found it again to enjoy. It's simplicity and normality make it real. Thank you for everything.-Sam
12/22/2005 c31 xrated13
Omg. I love this and i can relate to it in many different ways. I shall not elaborate coz you want spoilers to be kept out of reviews. Love how you ended the story. Thank you for writing this. Amazing! :)
12/13/2005 c5 8Zeva
*punches Jake Sheldon* ahem. It's all good now. Evil homophobic bitch is gone. Celebrate gayness! I liked all your descriptins, as usual. lol ~Zeva
12/13/2005 c4 Zeva
*is yelling* IT'S NOT A SIN DAMMIT! Argh...Poor Anthony... ~Zeva
12/13/2005 c3 Zeva
Hehehehehe...his poor parents...so clueless. ^_^ Amusing. ~Zeva
12/13/2005 c2 Zeva
"Hmph," Brenda chirped thoughtfully. "At least he's making friends." I don't know why, but for some reason, I love that line. Yes, mommy, he's making friends...gorgeous, drool-worthy friends...lol. ~Zeva
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