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5/14/2001 c4 1Christopher G Part 2
So when are these 2 gonna get it on? (kidding!)
5/14/2001 c3 Christopher G Part 2
Just leaving this to let you know I've been reading this. I like it.
5/13/2001 c9 setsunna
...aw man! Does it have to stop right now? This is a really good story! Luv it!
5/13/2001 c9 allegra
Wow...that was just...beautiful. Everything about it was perfect, I think this was my favorite chapter yet, well...at least writing-wise it was. I mean, your writing is always amazing but this chapter was put together so...seamlessly. Really, your writing is high-quality: the speech is intelligent and understandable, the characters are realistic and you display their personalities wonderfully, and when you're describing what they're thinking...HOW DO YOU DO THAT SO WELL? It's beyond belief how absolutely amazing this whole story is and I really hope you turn this into a book and get published so everyone can see your writing. Please please please don't ever stop this story...I'm completely addicted to it. As always, you're done another excellant piece of work.
5/12/2001 c9 27Alasia Moonstalker
I like this so far. YOu are a very talented writer. (Better than me by far) So, um, keep writing and I wait around for the next chapter.
5/8/2001 c8 Tairah Josephine
oh...my...god...that was so incredibly good! I'm like crying tears of happiness! HOORAY FOR BEN AND ANTHONY! Make something bad happen to Jake ::Evil grin::
5/8/2001 c8 L.E. Lamkin
Oh...my...God. OHMYGOD! That was THE best chapter of this book as yet. I felt such anger and hatred for Jake when...well, you know! And such sweet sweet relief! The way you handled that last scene...God, it was beautiful! I truly wish I could write this well. Say whatever you want, but this novel is AWESOME, and the words and scenes you write have so much emotion and realism to them that it feels like I know Anthony and I know Ben. It's like. . .MAN, this is excellent! Every new chapter is better than the last! Do NOT stop this book, for the life of you! I love it, I love every word...man, I'm still shaking from the last events...
5/8/2001 c8 GoldenEagle
Woah, that was close! I was afraid it wasn't going to work out...
5/7/2001 c8 allegra
YES! Finally! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! It was perfect! This whole story is absolutely, positively brilliant! The characters, the settings, the flawless descriptions...I am so completely in love with this story. I don't know how you turn out such beautiful work in such a short amount of time, it would take me eons to write like you do. So what's going to happen with Jake now? And in the first chapter I got this sense that Ben had already told his parents that he was gay by then...is that right? When is all that going to go down? Please please please don't rush your writing or anything but ah...if I don't find out what happens next soon I think I'm going to go insane so I reallly hope you keep going with this story. Once again, I love this story and this part was wondeful.
5/6/2001 c7 Allie
This is unbelievable! It's so wonderful to find this kind of quality writing... Your storyline is captivating, the characters are more than 2-dimensional, and your creativity is very apparent. I can't wait to read more! Please keep this story going. You have incredible talent.
5/6/2001 c7 REagle10
Ok I have to admit...this sounds really strange coming from someone I know. But let's face it, whether I agree or not with the subject of the book it's got some great qualities. The descriptions and metaphors back to the same few things are awesome and of course your characters have depth. You give them a sincere sound, like a real person. Not the plastic people we read about, or unfortunately see every day. Of course, to avoid the soap-opera feel, we have to have a few...and Jake Sheldon and his other jock, high school superstar friends fit perfectly. It's weird to think about who you walk around with everyday and who thinks more deeply than the normal freshman guy with sex, and a nice butt being the only thing on their mind. Anthony was picked out of the crowd, oblivious that he wasn't charading his feelings enough to his new high school peers who'd rip him apart. He'd lived among innocence and purity...at least more so than Manhatten and didn't realize these things. But Ben...though his "thinking deeply" is different than I'd hope for, is one who's wearing his mask well. Just think about who you walk around with daily who could be totally different than you ever imagined...eerie. I'll agree with GoldenEagle in that I don't agree with homosexuality because of my religion and personal beliefs but it's a very addictive story line and you asked for it! I could have thrown that "constructive critism" at ya'! I knew you could write...but this shows more creativity than you'll ever find combined in this town! lol. Ok, let's hope tomorrow when my brain cells are functioning normally(or at least as normal as they get)that this won't sound weird and scattered like myself. lol.
5/6/2001 c7 Stacey
More, more, more!
5/4/2001 c7 L.E. Lamkin FearlessGuy
ACK! This chapter was so good! Ben and Anthony need to make with the smoochies right quick! LOL. I can't wait until they get together for the weekend. What could happen? Your scenes and descriptions are beautiful and wonderful and realistic. The feelings you have the characters feel are conveyed perfectly. The thoughts they have seem like thoughts I've had or any other person could have had. The scene btwn Anthony and his brother was sweet and touching and PERFECT. His parents are just plain annoying me. But anyway, continue this soon because I am HOOKED!
5/3/2001 c7 allegra
Wow...I love this story. You're writing is just incredible and descriptive. I wouldn't have the first clue as to how to write a homosexual story but you do it beautifully. You make it seem realistic and I can really understand how the characters feel. I just want to know one thing, why in the hell aren't there more reviews of this? I'd come to this site only to read this, it's so insanely good! I don't really have words for how much I'm enjoying this. Keep writing, you're doing an excellent job!
5/1/2001 c6 2L.E. Lamkin
WOW! That's all I can say. WOW! You are REALLY good. No, scratch that. DAMN good. This is like, a thousand times better than MY silly story. You are so talented. I love your metaphor about "Sam I Am" and everything. It's very refreshing to read something of this caliber at FFN. You are way talented, don't let any "bad reviews" get you down, all right? Man, this story is AWEsome! I can't wait for more...
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