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3/7/2004 c31 Hi no Tori
It's a good ending. Certainly not what I expected, but that's a good thing, too. I love this story dearly, really do, and in case you ever choose to publish it, I'll buy the book.
Or any book you write, actually.
Anthony and Ben, Ben and Anthony. Gabe. Jake. Parents. Thank you for giving them to us.
I have one final question though - does the picture of Ben and Anthony you linked to in Chpt. 16 still exists? I tried the link, but it seems to be dead. I'd love to see what they look like to you.
Thank you for writing this story.
3/5/2004 c19 Hi no Tori
I'm starting to dislike Anthony's parents. What a pity, I had a great first impression of them. *sighs*
And I really, really hope things will get better... maybe not in the next chapter, but eventually. I hope Ben and Anthony... BenandAnthony make it through this. Really.
(oh... my last review contained spoilers. Sorry 'bout that. *fidgets*)
3/5/2004 c15 Hi no Tori
People get killed over 80$ shoes every day. I know that, but yet... this made it so much more real, somehow. It's scary.
*continues to next chapter*
3/5/2004 c13 Hi no Tori
*swallows hard* Not good. Very much not good. I don't think I want to see what happens next, I don't... but I've been known to have TWS at some times.
Must read on.
Ah, but before this... I like it lots. Anthony's remarks on wanting to BE gay in the last chapter were wonderful. It made me laugh out loud. Beautiful work ^_^
3/5/2004 c31 me
that was really good, you should write about what happens the the reeves family after anthony leaves and about gabe's life as a teenager growing up with those parents 13 years later
3/4/2004 c7 Hi no Tori
Brilliant. Jake-the-jackass actually managed to do something *good*! *giggles* I can't WAIT to see where this is going, therefore I will read on.
Need I say it again? Wonderful work.
3/4/2004 c6 Hi no Tori
I love Anthony's family. Love. It's amazing how you portray two-year-old Gabe... My cousins are just *like* that. And his parents... No stereotypical Catholic missionaries, but real, feeling people who care.
Cannot wait to see Ben's family.
Great job.
3/4/2004 c5 Hi no Tori
Wonderful. I totally adore this story. Must read more... I think I'll scratch my plans for sleeping early tonight. Must finish this.
Wonderful writing, wonderful characterizations, wonderful WONDERFUL story. *heart*
This is SO ending up on my fav's list.
*goes to read on*
1/23/2004 c31 inkblot
wow i really really loved your story, just the way it made me feel everything i mean...one moment i would be up close staring at the screen thinking oh my gosh their so cute and then i would get to the end of another chapter and think i cant read on, something bads going to happen. congrats, it was great
1/15/2004 c1 10Marlah Singer
hey, i wanted to interview a slash author for my [hopefully] up coming collumn, if ur interested add my aim: xdeadonex or email me at ...email would be easier and for the rec, this is not dissin slash or homosexuality in any way, shape or form..slash has just as much right to be her as anything... think it over...M
1/13/2004 c10 3sassw14
12/31/2003 c7 sassw14
yay! from bad comes good...
12/31/2003 c6 sassw14
12/18/2003 c31 2M Welles
Originally, this review was going to be really long, but I'm really tired and it's been a stressful day, so I'll condense it a bit ^^
I'd give constructive criticism, but there's nothing that I, personally, would change. Everything is so well written, characters developed, everything. The only weakness of the story, was the Jake bits became slightly repetitive each time. Other than that, it's great.
Well done, this is a wonderful story and I love it.
12/11/2003 c31 mary
hi, im new to fp.and i have been talking to Lonerguy04 and he told me to read this.That is truly the best book i have ever read.I liked the ending.i wish you would make a sequal or something or another story like this.your attention to detail and emontions is amazing.This story glides down the page because of the fact that it is so good.This story is raw and real.these two teenage boys find something in each other that not everyone gets to have in their life.This story goes beyond lovers and friends. Ben and anthony are soul mates.This book made me laugh and cry.it also made me stay up past curfew because i had to find out what was gonna happen next.Thank you for writing this story and thank you for depicting a homosexual relationship as a good thing.This book took me 3 days to read and i am glad it did because i got really know these characters.I would like to know what you think of some of my stuff.
Ps just so you know this is my favorite fp story so far.keep writing you are truly blessed and amazing
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