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6/28/2003 c31 4LillianaNoelia
Hmm, I was at first very angry at the realization that Chapter 30 was the end, but after you explained your motivations behind such an ending, I applaude the uniqueness of it. I fell in love with these characters, and as I am a hopeless romantic, here is my tiny story of how it goes after this: Anthony's parents can't find him for days so they move away without him (goodbye evil oppressive parents!), Anthony hides out at Ben's cousin's house for a while but eventually moves in with he and Rose. Ben and Anthony then move to Canada to get married (now that it's legal, yay!) and adopt some kids and live in a big yellow house with a white picked fence and a dog named Rufus! ^_^ Cheesy yes, but it's my fantasy so deal with it. :P

Good luck with all your future stories.
6/28/2003 c31 J. R. Earlbecke
I know I already gave you my comments on this personally, but I feel like reviewing anyhow. I like the ending very much, and thing it ends on a rather upbeat, if inconclusive, note. People who were upset with how you ended it have a right to not like what you wrote, but not to complain about it or be upset. (Since, well, it's not their damn story, is it?)

I love you, Sav! *huggles*
6/20/2003 c3 NoOneLivesHere
Interesting start...can't wait to read more!
6/8/2003 c3 9White Raven
lol, this chapter was very entertaining , in a funny way =] laughed throughout the whole thing
5/31/2003 c31 5Sorrow Light
I absolutely loved this story, and though it makes me sad that you won't continue, I understand the signifigance of the message you are trying to get across. I hope you write more stories in the future.
5/23/2003 c31 2Scratch1

Regards, Zoey.
5/21/2003 c31 Brady
...I can SO not yell at you for this because I'm planning on ending a story with the suspsnse as well, although not as freaking MUCH as this have. I CAN say it's been an incredible read and I thank you for finishing it. I was...worried when Richard found the poem, but happy too. For the two of them; it's not good to keep couples bottled up like that. It manages to end the relationship.

I also won't beg you to write more, or to answer any questions in an e-mail because, personally, I think my mind will come up with 'fluffier' results then what you might write (no offense intended; I tend to have a romantic nature and end things in my head pretty).

The characters are amazing, as are the development and insight to them and, sadly, in Richard, a baser instinct. I couldn't help but grow fond of Jake. :) He was twisted in his own way, but he probably had reasons, no?

So thank you. Thank you for this amazing, well-written (typos included) story with the invigorating characters that always had me grinning when a new chapter came out. Thank you for the beautiful poetry and the love in which you have created.

5/16/2003 c31 Triste Vara
I finally had time to finish reading this. I have to say, this is one of the best stories i have read on ff.n. Good job!
5/8/2003 c16 4Dominique
ps, isnt there at least a black eye or "jaw" lol, in this case? no bruises that brenda would see?

5/8/2003 c13 Dominique
Well, i know it works differently for different people. But three beers isn't going to get your drunk, not even if you're small (which I am) and on an empty stomach. Three Heineken beers will most definitely not do that. It's Dutch beer (and I live in Holland) so I know. Í dont'want to sound arrogant,o ranything, just thought you might want to change that into perhaps four or five beers at least. I'm only 1.65m and after three beers, on an empty stomahc, I might get only a tad bit tipsy, and I'm one considered not able to hold her drinks...
5/8/2003 c3 Dominique
you spelled "buoy", but it's "boy".
4/25/2003 c31 1Enivrement
I needed to say how much I loved this story. I have a friend who went through something like this, and it's nice to see you handled it in a realistic way.

This story had some fluffy parts but I think you were also able capture the essance of fumbling through a first relationship. I was pretty much sitting on the edge of my seat, and forgive the cliche, it was like one of those books you simply don't want to put down.

I find it a little sad that you needed to leave the authors note at the end, but I can understand the outpour of reviews. I wouldn't be advers to reading a sequel, I understand the impact of the ending, and like the idea that it's left up to the reader to decide what happens.

Because of this, I look forward to reading more of your work.
4/24/2003 c31 null acount delete
hey! I totally understand what your saying about the reader ending it. I liked the ending. Gives me a million little plot bunnies to dream about ;). Besides that, any good author knows a true story has no ending and that leaving the reader with lots to think about is GOOD. thats what books should do! I liekd thw story. it'll continue to stay on my fav's list for awhile, well, untill fp.n deletes it again!
4/24/2003 c31 Element
hi, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your writing style, your characters, and your story. It was amazing and, basically, took my breath away.

Thank you.

4/24/2003 c31 9nopinion
Over? O v e r? my heart aches. fantastic run that I was glad to be privy to, thanks.

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