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4/24/2003 c31 7Lami
first let me thank you for writing this amazing story, i could try to express exactly why i liked it but that would take all night, so i'll just say that i did like it, alot.

it would have been nice however, to know at least weather they remain together in the happily ever after sense of if Anthony had to go back to bolivia with his parents, but as you left that up to the reader i'll just imagine the former.

once again, tryly brilliant. um. go you.

4/23/2003 c31 9Asitha
I loved this story from the beginning, and I loved it through the end. This is truly one of the times that I am glad that I took an advanced English class this year, because only this year did we go in depth about analyzing literature. I love the ending, the readers have control over what they think should happen supporting the whole concept of reading for enjoyment. Many times authors take away that factor and cheapen the whole thing. I love your style and would be thrilled if you would put out more things like this.
4/23/2003 c17 7Lami
amazing poetry. i'm particularly drawn to tthe last one, it seems a catharsis of sorts.
4/23/2003 c31 jkb
Okay, I'll admit it...I was just like everyone else when I realized that you'd finished this fic...

mostly due to the fact that it seemed you'd left so many things undone, and unsaid...but then I realized...that's life. One of the wonderful things about this story is the realistic way you portrayed these two boys, and the way you chose to close their story is just in keeping with that.

My frustration in the ending of this beautiful story is actually selfish. I would be just as happy if you'd continued forever. I could read chapter after chapter of Ben and Anthony, as they matured and grew, through birthdays and holidays, vacations and work, ups and downs...well, you get the idea.

Thank you again for writing this wonderful story...

4/22/2003 c9 Lami
oh wow. *points* a real author.

i don't know what else to say really. this thing has me rivited to the screen, and since i can't read that fast, i'd better get back to it...it's already 01:37 in the morning...

i will say that you metaphores are amazing, and the whole green eggs and ham thing... wow. you should get this published. you know, somewhere other than this cessepool of crap with the occasional island of true brilliance.
4/22/2003 c31 redredredred
are you planning on writing a sequel perhaps or have i totally missed the point of your afterword... cuz i wanna know if Anthony leaves his family while they return to their country... ^^ well, otherwise the ending just seems a bit rushed so if you are editing, maybe you could redo the last paragraph or so, no matter what though, i REALLY liked this story ^^ so i hope you write more in the future


4/22/2003 c31 cannibalistic smurf
aaw... *sniffle* that was sp BEAUTIFUL! I like the fact that you didn't make it a happy OR sad ending. great job.
4/22/2003 c30 2DisgruntledOL
I really enjoyed your story. Your descriptions of things were fresh and new and kept the story entertaining instead of bogging it down with useless information. I got really attached to your characters, especially Anthony, and you did a wonderful job of keeping them in character and believeable. But is it really over? There are many questions still left unanswered, such as...Will Anthony have to go back to South America? What will his Mother do when she comes back to the house and finds his father drunk with the poem? How will Ben and Anthony's familys react to their relationship? Will Anthony's depression go away? Will Anthonys depression have any more of an impact on his and Ben's relationship? Are they running away for good? If they are, what about school? What about after High School?

I don't want to sound pushy or anything but it would be great to see a sequel or more story on this to get some closure. I really love your work. Keep it up!
4/21/2003 c30 red
I was beginning to wonder if you were going to write more...this is really good...I really hope that this isn't the last chapter, I really enjoy reading this, you really do have a talent with writing:)
4/20/2003 c30 6octavia
It's done! It's done! Whee! I love it. You've written a powerful piece of work here, and I hope to someday see it in print somewhere =)
4/19/2003 c30 6Lux Alexander
YES! It's complete! *hugs tightly* Way to go. This is an absolutely amazing story and I'm so glad that I stumbled across it one day ^_^ You have amazing talent - never give up writing!
4/19/2003 c30 16Painted Desert
I love your story. It's not often is there a good and realistic fic. Most of the fics here everyone's having sex 24/7 and say "I love you" the night they meet. That's why I love your story, cause they didn't have sex the first time they met and I like how Ben and Anthony tried to keep their relationship secret. Keep writing, I'm so glad you updated!
4/18/2003 c30 brandon
so it's finally over?...gah, i don't know...i guess i expected it to end differently. i guess i expected them to be happy in the end, and not running from something, but that wouldn't be realistic. i still think ben's the greatest in the story. he's comforting and i like that. but it's good savvy, i love it. well done...and i'm still stressed about who left that random review by me a long time ago...
4/18/2003 c30 redredredred
wait this is finished, but, but... we don't know what hapened after that and what about some closure with Jake... and stuff? this is too good to just shop off, why did you write now complete? well, i hope you finish ^^
4/17/2003 c30 jkb
I was afraid you'd forgotten about Ben and Anthony...

I'm so glad you haven't!

Thank you so much for updating this fantastic, realistic, wonderfully written story!

A thousand thank yous!

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