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4/10/2003 c29 red
I really hope you continue this, you've done an excellent job writing this. You didn't leave out anything, you made it feel so real. I would keep on seeing it in my head even after I'd read it (that has only happen with a few really good author, even pro ) I have really enjoyed reading this and hope that you haven't forgotten about it. YOu have a wonderful writing talent...i hope to see more soon ;)
4/5/2003 c6 red
I'm only on the 5th chapter and so far you have done a wonderful job. You've made this soo real, you real get pulled into the story. I like your way with words, I really like that thing with the green eggs and ham :)...can't wait to get done reading the rest of this:)
3/29/2003 c29 twilights death
I've been watching this story for a long time, always waiting for an update. I figure I need to do my part and review.

I love this story. It is realistic and the feel of it is over great. The one complaint I have is, as a Catholic and bisexual, I know it isn't easy to disregard religion as Anthony did. But as a writer I know that if you went into everything in a story, it would be tremendously hard to write, and read.

keep up the writing.

3/23/2003 c29 null acount delete
we! I like this alot! Your a fantastic writer! I wanna see some more before next july, okay? *smile*
3/23/2003 c27 null acount delete
"Anthony emerged from his doorway with one arm in his gray, hooded, cotton jacket that zipped down the middle. He slipped his other arm inside and looked up at them, uncertain. Lightly holding the unzipped tail ends of his jacket in his thin hands, he eyed them both and waited for some signal that it was okay to be worried." that was the best line. I could just SEE it. I dunno why. I LOVE this story though.

obviously haven't read it all, but it's now 4 am so I'ma go get soe sleep, kay?
2/18/2003 c29 IcyEyes202
Hey, this will sound wired but, I *haven't* read your story. yet. I'm printing it now. I'm the kind of person who loves reading stories from the interent but hates being on the computer for over-long periods of time. Your story however has very much intrigued me and so i've printed the whole story so far and hopefully i'll enjoy it as much as i antisipate. Anyway. I'm giving you a little review now because i am so intrigued and i hate that because i'm rarely online when i finish a story, i rarely review. So for your info. Someone IS going to read this. Hopefully I'll get back to you when you next update and tell you Why i love this, and that. Ta. IcyEyes202 , or DarkArtist
1/29/2003 c29 vel
What can I say, Panuru... except that I'm so sorry I've taken so long to tell you how much I admire your writing! Seriously, I've religiously followed MLS since like two years ago. The love story between Anthony and Ben is beautiful; I couldn't have imagined a more perfect couple, storyline or excecution. Hmm, not very specific, am I? I just meant that I love your prose, it is picturesque without going overboard and for lack of a better word, mature. Manhattan Love Story is the best "fanfic" I have read, period, and even surpasses a lot of published stuff. What more can I say, except I hope the next chapter comes soon and girl, rock. on.
1/19/2003 c29 1Gil-calan
The best slash story that I have ever read! I absolutly loved it. I'm trying to write an original slash fic of my own, but it is no where as good as yours. Please write more soon. I'm dying to find out what happens next!
11/27/2002 c1 2Sabrosa
Hey Sav, remember me? Your good buddy from FFN? What's goin' on? Will you ever post 30? Please? As a one year veteran of this site, I am ordering you to do it-or else!
11/25/2002 c29 Triste Vara
*grins* I absolutly adore this story! you're amazing! Ben and Anthony are so adorible, and realistic characters. I love you writing style, i'm ever so jealous. ^_^ update soon?
11/23/2002 c9 brandon
you suck...i'm boycotting your story until you get chapter 30 out...get to it!
11/12/2002 c29 NoName8owq
OHMYGOD! I can't believe how much I love this story! I started reading it like months ago, and everyday I promised myself that I would catch up, and now I'm so glad that I did! I simply love all the characters, even Jake (lousy jock) not tht I don't like jocks, like Ben. But anyways you simply must go on!
11/9/2002 c29 bdf
wow savvy, you are too good. love the story? i thought authors always wrote the last chapter first, so where's it hiding? oh...and i don't know who wrote that review by me earlier on chapter 27, but it wasn't me...so let's not play me anymore, it is great being me, but not being my bitch!...brandon formby
11/6/2002 c29 love2read
I loved this story. I have been reading it non stop for the past few days and all I can say is that I have not read such a good story in a very long time. I love the characters of Anthony and Ben and I really hope that Jake gets redeemed somehow. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next chapter.
11/3/2002 c29 clicks
could you PLEASE redeem jake? pretty please?
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