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11/3/2002 c29 clicks
could you PLEASE redeem jake? pretty please?
9/6/2002 c8 NoName8owq
I really liked it though I don't have time to finish it right now.
9/1/2002 c29 Octavia
I finished! Weeee!

I love this story. I love the plot and the characters and how you write. No other story I've read online has ever absorbed me like this.

Can't wait to read the end!
8/31/2002 c1 39Aldrean Treu Peri
Oooh, this seems like a really good story, although I've only been able to read Chapter One so far; it doesn't necessarily grab the reader's attention but it does offer a nice break of reality amidst a reading flurry of scifi, fantasy, anime, and comics :) I'll be sure to keep reading this story; much appreciation and praise,

Hugs, kisses and sweet *day*dreams ~ Aldrean Treu Peri, Neo-Moon Guardian ~

See you, Space Cowboy!
8/29/2002 c27 brandon formby
I'm soooo glad you finally wrote chapter 29! I love all of this homosexuality...it reminds me that I'm really not alone in this prejudice world. *We* want more! luv, b
8/28/2002 c29 alcyone17
*sniff* that's so sweet ^_^

What's going to happen to them?
8/16/2002 c29 Anything
Finally, an update! Patience paid off, this was a beautiful scene.
8/14/2002 c29 jkb
I'm consistantly amazed by the depth and beauty of both the characters and the story. I find myself feeling protective of Ben and Anthony...and silently cheering for any little victory they may have. Thank you Panuru...thank you so much for writing this sweet, touching, funny, and beautifully written story. jkb
8/7/2002 c29 2Scratch1
Alright. I've been following this story for a long time, I'm really glad you updated, thank you. It's amazing. A friend of mine told me about it, and also that you might try to get it published, I think it would make it! This story is wonderful, please do keep going!

Oh yeah, i thought i shoud tell you this-i don't know why- but while i was reading this chapter i was listening to Matchbox 20. During the end the song "busted" was playing and these lyrics sort of hit me:

"i dreamed that the world was crumbling down, we sat on my back porch and watched it" Maybe it was because of the ending conflict...

Well forgive me i had to tell you its not exactly the first time i've made an ass out of myself...

Peace, love, & Radiohead
8/4/2002 c29 2Sabrosa
Hey Sav, that was a great chapter. It's good to know that Ben does feel strongly about Anthony leaving for Bolivia. Kinda shows that he actually cares and that their relationship is more than just a simple fling. And whoo! That sex scene was pretty descriptive and VERY accurate. Well done, well done.
8/4/2002 c29 Ashna
That was a very cute chapter. I liked it.
8/3/2002 c29 9Asitha
I'm so glad that you finally put up a new chapter, it seemed like forever since the last one

was put up! I absolutely *love* this story, but wouldn't *just* using a condom hurt a bit?
8/2/2002 c29 suninun
That was great! One of the greatest chapters yet! I"m so glad you *finally* decided to get a new part up. It seems like forever since Flying Close to the Sun was up. Hopefully we wont have to wait so long for the next chapter? And that chapter really was great, not only because you finally got a lemon in, but all of the emotion really made me love it. ^.~
8/1/2002 c29 10Ivvic
That was excellent, as it has been so far and as I hope to see (soon) it continue. Hint hint... You are a terrific writer and I truely look forward to reading more of your writtings.
8/1/2002 c29 6Lux Alexander
Yay! *hugs them all* I love this stroy so much... you writing style is amazing :) And so realistic. I love Ben and Anthony. ^_^
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