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1/8/2010 c1 6Kalista Jia
It is short but I love it!

It makes me feel like saying "I am home" while reading this! It really shows that no matter how different our home in the eyes of other,but to us, it is still our precious home.

Lovely. ^_^

~Kalista Jia~
4/18/2009 c3 4SerialXLain
D: I like tea.

The word and the...tea...

It's not weird. :(

But Coke is good. But not coffee. :(

This is a lame review and has nothing to do with your writing. I'm lame and I apologize.
1/5/2009 c2 SerialXLain
Oh nice. Ouch, man. Ouch.

I was like, "Wait, what?" at first for I am slow and slightly stupid. But I get it now, and ouch. lol
1/5/2009 c1 SerialXLain
Yay. I'm glad someone's doing this. I gave up on it myself a long time ago. xD

I like the end line. :)

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