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7/21/2016 c32 Curator of Velnorain
When I first read the intro, I didn't think I'd like this story so much. Teen angst isn't usually on the top of my list for favourite story subjects. I'm more than a few years removed from that scene. But this one held me strong right to the end. Great story. Really enjoyed it. On the critical side, I found Lucas a bit annoying and thought he needed to get over himself. He was kind of obnoxious when he doesn't get what he wants. I also thought Sarah's sudden turn around a little hard to believe. She was a bitch to everyone except Lucas, which leads one to believe that 'bitch' is her personality and she was only acting nice to get Lucas. For her to suddenly change and be so apologetic to Sandra seemed off. In spite of that, it was good read. I really liked Sandra's character and the way she handled herself throughout. As I read the last chapter I found myself wanting Sandra to leave and not give in to Lucas to stay. I was relieved you didn't go the traditional route. Great ending to a great story

Thanks for all the dedication and hard work you put into this. I look forward to reading the sequel.
7/11/2015 c33 ThatFriendNextDoor
At first, when I saw this summary, I was pretty hesitant to read it, thinking "Oh darn, there's going to be too much annoying drama for me to handle, I don't feel like reading this." But I clicked it anyway, because I was curious to see if you could pull it off. YOU MOST DEFINITELY COULD! That was absolutely BRILLIANT! I loved every second of it, and I NEED more! Which is exactly why I'm about to read the sequel. Very well done, absolutely ace :)
8/10/2013 c32 Dominique Diane
Me: "Reading sequel"
Mind: You need to write a review, don't be rude Diane!
Me: Gonna write one when I finish sequel, let me continue reading...
Mind: "Do whatever you want"

Hello! I know, i'm such a weirdo, but well I forgot what i want to write here since 2 minutes after finishing the last chapter I started reading "Not Quite off The Hook" (: I can only say that I'm reviewing again in the sequel! Love ya!
7/12/2013 c33 3Alice Nguyen1
I just love the story!
4/17/2013 c5 pastelcolors
I can't really go on with this because I just think that Sandra is an annoying character. ;_; It's just- I don't know. I mean, getting a date on the second day?
And Lucas just pops up everywhere.
Oh well. It's good story though! Just not for me.
3/9/2013 c1 Hop3lesS-Romantic-GirL
Absolutely love this story! Finished it in a day! Onto the sequel now! Eeeeeep... Like how you kept it real and not to happy-happy in the end!

Good work!
2/18/2013 c1 xnowherefastx
This is officially the third story that I have read on this site in two days where the leading male role's name is Lucas. But promising story, nevertheless.
1/31/2013 c1 NothingMoreThanLife123
A few mistakes, but I like it so far.
10/13/2012 c1 castiel89
hey hun! It's Amy from A Drop of Romeo. Dropping by to let ya know that HoH has been readded onto the site at our new home on blogspot! Here's your updated review:

I read this before it was posted on ADoR. The summary was originally drew me in. It was catchy, and how the title played into the summary and how the two met was definitely a creative hook (hehe. See what I did?).

Sandra Hennesey is the new girl in town and doesn't get off on the right foot with the school's heartthrob and star athlete. As if getting a little too intoxicated at a party and then having a hot and heavy make out session wasn't enough, Lucas Pearson is constantly at her house. Things wouldn't have been quite as bad if Lucas was such a cocky son of a gun the next morning. Instead, he gets on Sandra's nerves. However, with Lucas always around, it's only a matter of time before the initial attraction becomes too much and lines become blurred.

When it comes to pet peeves I have when judging a story, I have to admit that Hooked on Him has a handful. There are present to past tense switches, to some iffy grammar, and a handful of spelling errors. I also thought that there wasn't as much hate/love going on throughout the story. There was some in the beginning, and towards the end with sappy couple love in the middle. However, the first time I read it, none of that truly bothered me all that much. We all, as ameature writers, make mistakes. I only had a more critical eye when I became a judge on ADoR. But, I do want to make it known that despite all my pet peeves, has a way of making you fall for the characters and rooting for them to live happily ever after in the end. Besides, who could not love the obvious chemistry between Lucas and Sandra.

Before you get Hooked on Him, and wish you had your own Lucas (or Sandra) in your life, be aware that the ending may not be what you expect. It just means you'll have to go read the (COMPLETED!) sequel to find out what will happen next.

Hope all is well with you!

7/14/2012 c33 MEG0205
I love this story but I was so sad they didn't end up together in the end. I am going to go read the sequel right now!
Megan :)
5/19/2012 c32 Whatsoever
Baaaaaaahhhh I love this. And I especially love Sandra-Lucas moments. they are just SO CUTE together! You're awesome (:
3/7/2012 c1 1TheSnoopy
Amazing story! The chemistry between Sandra and Lucas, I just love it. I cant wait to finish the sequel, I'm on chapter five I think and I love the sequel too so far:)
2/4/2012 c21 xXIzzyXx
Hi, my name is Izzy and i just wanted to say i love your story so far and as i'm reading this chapter it mentions the superbowl which also happens to be tomorrow. Superbowl 2012. Coincidence huh? Anyways amazing story keep writing.

Never give up,

1/1/2012 c33 1Lili and RayRay
I LOVE THIS STORY! Wait ... give me a few seconds ... I'm tearing up. And once again. I LOVE THIS STORY!
1/1/2012 c33 GwennyP89
Cliff Hanger's & I have a love-hate relationship! I was extremely pleased with your writing skills...I felt like I was actually their with the character...I'm even more pleased that there's a sequel...Fingers Crossed that Sandra and Lucas work out! =D
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