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for Knowing Audrey

11/26/2012 c26 Elena
Sorry for not reviewing in a while. And although I've been silent, I've still been keeping tabs on this story and reading every chapter.

I like the direction you've taken. I'm so glad Daniel and Audrey are back together; they're so perfect for one another.

At first when Audrey was freaking out about the date I thought she was pregnant! I had a little laugh of relief when I realized she was just worried about missing her chance to steal a book.

I love the way Daniel wants to communicate with Audrey without using words. It's really sweet.

So anyway, great job so far, and thanks for updating so regularly lately! :)
11/24/2012 c24 Cayce
Another great chapter :)
11/24/2012 c24 232nd
I've been lazy with reviewing, ahah, so sorry about that. But it's hard to believe you can doubt yourself with such a beautiful story! There are a few errors here and there that bug me a bit, but I love this. It's sad, it's depressing, it's emotional, it's just wonderful.

So, keep the chapters going! Ahah :)
11/23/2012 c23 fanciful
Oh wow! Love the story so far, read it all in one sitting! Cannot wait until the next update. :3
11/23/2012 c23 Guest
"Silence. A bed between them. A strip of moonlight between them. She is a world away."
My favourite line in this chapter. You did a great job and I'm glad your writing again. You have a very unique style and it leaves me wanting more.
9/23/2012 c1 Blubber Boner

Your story just gave this walrus a BLUBBER BONER! :D
7/23/2012 c1 24bubblyblonde
Wow! Found you on a forum, and you shouldn't have to be going to one! This is really good! I love the idea, and the characters are great! Keep it up!
6/25/2012 c21 watergirl
please please PLEASE update soon! this story is so touching and enrapturing, i just want more! please update!
2/3/2012 c21 Cayce
Love it!
2/3/2012 c20 Cayce
This chapter was worth the wait, it was great. I'm glad Audrey saw Daniel again, even though it wasnt the best situation for her as he was with janine. I hope they meet up again. Well done
2/2/2012 c20 Zelda-Fanatic121
Uh oh
1/26/2012 c16 cerebral1
Well...I always think that about teenagers. Is that really how they want their first time to be remembered?

What a sad chapter. I'm going to have to read something else before I go to bed. I feel so bad for Matt, and even more so for Audrey and her low self-esteem. What should have been a magical, memorable time is now reduced to anger and shouting. Sad, and perfectly portrayed.

Loved, loved, loved the analogy of laundry to Audrey. If that's how she sees herself, won't others see the same?

Like I said, so poetically sad. And so well-written.
1/20/2012 c19 Cayce
Great job, I really like seeing Daniel outside of Audreys world she had created. We see Daniel as a person with a life, a full life with endless possibilities :) I'm in suspense, plead update more :)
1/20/2012 c19 Zelda-Fanatic121
It's good to see Daniel is moving on - well, at least trying to - but I thoroughly dislike his mother. Daniel needs to see the letter!

I wonder how Audrey is going? Poor thing never got a reply. :(
1/17/2012 c18 Melissa
I really like this story
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