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for That Night

3/16/2002 c1 2QueenC
Very nice. Excellent job of capturing pain and emotional (inner) turmoil.

I clicked on your name, thinking it was my name, but it wasn't, so I read your poem... Any-whoo, very nice poem-y thing, but the first stanza could have used a break somewhere. At first I though that you were just not using breaks for effect, (which you could do, and that would be sweet)but since you are, which I discovered after reading further, I recomend another break in the first stanza. My, all that writing for one damn comment. Oi!
12/8/2001 c1 orlando bloom chic
this poem is really really sad. i like how you used your words to express your feelings. good job!
7/3/2001 c1 Effect Without a Cause
OMG, this literally made me cry...I have a relative who died in the Holocaust, and I grew up surrounded by anti-Semitic people, so this really touched me.
4/25/2001 c1 76Calvin Wong
Being honest: THough your subject matter is good, freeform is not exactly my favorite style of poetry. It's not wrong, no, and certain parts I think were very good, but... I don't know. Freeform just doesn't really appeal to me. BUt other than that it's not bad, and it's not wrong.
4/22/2001 c1 Corinne Cassandra Valard who is currently to busy crying to sign in
::Sob:: OMG that is so sad. I am busy dripping all over my keyboard. That was so powerful and moving and well written. Chris you are such a wonderful artist and writer too. I can't wait to see your fanart which i know that you will draw. Thank you so much for reviewing my stories. And yes it was, i don't have gobstoppers or creamsavers, but i have hershey kisses which you can have. Cya in Bio! :)
4/22/2001 c1 5Pip1
sorry for the happy go lucky suicide at the end...I'm pretty anti-suicide but hey, the guy was insane and depressed...can't blame him...My first actually depressing poem so bear with me!

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