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for Doing the Usual

8/23/2010 c1 5TheLovelessRose
Bahahahah!~ Oh wow. Love it :)
3/28/2009 c1 11crimson-reverie
wow. definate emotion behind this. i even managed a laugh at the intended parts.

you have a good way of connecting with the reader.

once again i love this. what a shock! xD
1/13/2009 c1 989East-0f-Eden
i'm assuming that this is you trying to break up with another girl instead of her trying to break up with you. i find this poem strange bc this is a breakup poem directed to a girl.Guys (and i know you're a girl) never write breakup poems (i've been on this site 6yrs and haven't seen one yet but I could be wrong). But, yeah this is just different for me bc normally I would hear the story of a guy dumping a girl and her being all sad. This poem offered a different perspective for me.
1/12/2009 c1 37rhymemaker
Wow, harsh is right. But oh so very realistic. I really do like your rhythm.
1/11/2009 c1 Safi Kittykat
wow thats a little... harsh... but the poem was VERY WELL WRITTEN. i really enjoyed reading it! keep up the good work!

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