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for Divine Intervention

1/17/2009 c1 9Galinda-girl
Oh! That was adorable! I kept thinking of A Little Princes(you can get it at your library) if you've read it b/c it has the same message that your story has. Once again, adorable, and the page length really worked^^

1/14/2009 c1 10Soul Skater 79
WOW! that was great just like what Narg said "you truly are a talented writer."

(Hey could you maybe read my story and tell me what you think, it would mean alot)
1/13/2009 c1 9Narq
OMG! That's so sweet and lovely! I had shivers going down my spine by the time I'd finished the story.

You are truly a talented writer to write stories like these!


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