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2/8/2009 c1 Pilate
Wow, so this one was really good too. You captured and expressed feelings in a way that showed the tinge of somewhat bitter disbelief accompanying the realization that someone who is supposed to love you doesn't love you the way they're supposed to. Or maybe I'm imagining that bitter tinge. I'm a bit biased.

I have the feeling that if this is you as the narrator that we've had to deal with some of the same familial problems. If that's the case, I'm sorry. No one should have to deal with that sort of hurt.

I don't know, maybe you've never gone through that situation and are writing about a fear that may or may not come true (if so you did a brilliant job) but I know that I could have used someone to talk to who understood. So, if you ever need someone to talk to about shit, someone who's nameless and faceless and who won't judge, I'm here.

Haha, I feel kind of ridiculous writing that. Like some sort of online psychotherapist or something. I don't know. Maybe I secretly just want to converse with someone who understands.

Either way, thank you for the poem. It gave me something I could relate to and, in a way, made me feel a little bit less alone.
1/14/2009 c1 11thelasttears
i love this!
1/14/2009 c1 233kelsi bones
this is so true. you should have to EARN anyone's love, especially a family member. i love the strong emotions in this piece. amazing =]

1/13/2009 c1 989East-0f-Eden
:) you can say that again. :)

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