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8/10/2009 c7 Elle E
So good and funny! I can totally relate to Elena. haha..

Can't wait to read the next chapter. :)
8/3/2009 c7 1Shagg
Oh my Gad.

This is amazing.


I love your writing, it uses large enough words to sound educated, but not too many as to sound wordy. You're a wordsmith!
7/30/2009 c7 5CuriousContradiction
My favorite part about this story? The fact that the narrator refers to the guy as "you." Very cool. :)

I liked the last little piece in this chapter. It's weird how those moments just happen, yeah?

I wish you didn't skip as much over parts. Or... I don't know. The transitions could be better, but linking scenes is really hard. If you ever figure out how to do it smoothly, let me know because I don't know how to either. :) One of the examples: you wrote something about how the day couldn't fly by quickly enough. It would be nice to see you show more instead of tell, you know?

Anyways. Your characters are likable. They're not perfect and they're not overly flawed. They're just... real, and that's great. I like their personalities.

I hope to see an update soon!

(If you have time, would you mind taking a look at my story "Maybe"?)

- CuriousContradiction
7/6/2009 c7 tallerwhiter and more ozzie
HELLO! long time no review your story already =)

hahaha anyway not bad ;)

keep up the good work, and pls pls pls...update faster! xD

take care =)
6/29/2009 c7 2tellyou-aboutit
Hey Tiff.

I like the "let the man sweat a bit" part. haha

Update soon. Cliffhangers are so frustrating but I suppose it is essential. *groans*

Btw, I'm Sophia Tai in case you're wondering.
6/19/2009 c1 Chancee
I think this is very cute and I can't wait to find out more about this character. Oh and Elena too. HAHA!

Your writing seems to be very solid since I am not good with technical things so nothing that stood out.

I like your descriptions and the pace you chose. It was cute how you felt the anger towards the others.

I could relate to that so great job with making it realistic. I hope to get to more of this but so far this is a great beginning and it looks like it is going to be a truly well written romantic piece.

I can't wait till she gets to lunch with her friends since she ditched them.

Great job and look forward to more!

Momo author of My Queen - Pay it forward the Roadhouse
6/19/2009 c7 1P.F Ally
So cute :) update?
6/17/2009 c7 fuwafuwafuwari
I love the appoach of this story! I feel like I'm Chris and I'm reading a letter from Elena (I love the name as well BTW). I don't know if you were going for that, but I really like it anyways.

The story itself is just so cute and sweet!

Can't wait to read more!

Thank you!
6/15/2009 c7 rainbow
Nice one :)
6/15/2009 c7 Celine
Gee. I was like 'kiss her already'. Well, i was waiting for it, cos it seemed like it was building up to it. But oh wells, guess your story isn't the typical story. In a good way, btw. (: Continue writing. Exams are over and there's no excuse. Heh. More soon.
6/15/2009 c6 Celine
Mhmm. Loved this chapter. The phone call was sweet and when he asked her to the party, I was like OMG! Hahah. Well, my favourite chapter so far. And ELena reminds me of you sometimes. The scream and the 'I'm naked.' part in the previous chapter. Heh. I'll review chapter 7 in a few. (:
6/14/2009 c7 heartbreak warfare
aww perfect =]
6/14/2009 c2 1Tatiana Isis
Lols. Nice story, fellow Malaysian. :) Don't think u'd remember me, I haven't updated mine in a long time. Christopher Chase, nice name. ;)
6/13/2009 c7 doglovergirl
I love the love/hate thing going on between his leather jacket and her XD
6/13/2009 c7 3theater24601
yes yes yes yes YES! thank you so much for giving them their very first moment. i loved it! review really soon please!
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