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2/11/2009 c1 173Little girl Big world
This is good its harsh and sad but it made for a good reading experience because even if its not for the same reason a lot pf people have felt let down at some point in their life. Good job!
1/22/2009 c1 50GirlWithTheBrokenSmile
Beautifully written and well rhymed. I think everybody feels this way at some point in their life.
1/20/2009 c1 12pixy dust and fairytales
Aw, great job. Well written. Sad. If it's based on personal experience, I'm sorry.

1/19/2009 c1 40All.PenNames.Must.Be.Unique
That's so sad...
1/18/2009 c1 1chococcino
This is a good poem. The last bit is the best and the most sad one of all. I liked it..

Gee, that was harsh! how could've it been a sick joke?

poor um 'I'...

eep, sorry I don't know the name of her/him
1/18/2009 c1 tangerine dreamer
this is so heartfelt and sad. i can relate in a way. nice rhyming, especially in the last stanza. keep it up!
1/18/2009 c1 2Robert Leon Reynolds
It's kind of sad. It's good though.

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