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10/5/2011 c6 1Faded-Whisper

I loved this chapter... please post ASAP!

It's cute and I really want to see some sparks flying between Harlan and Alicia - not that they aren't already, buh stilll...
10/4/2011 c5 grr
more more more! UPDATEEEEEEE
10/3/2011 c5 Faded-Whisper
Okay, so now for my overall review:

Wonderfully done.

I want to see some action b/w Alicia and Harlan because it's seriously cute.

Loved it.

Next chapter NOW please.


10/3/2011 c4 Faded-Whisper

I was planning on reviewing when I got to the last chapter but I can't help it... Alicia's character is so vibrant and, forgive me if this seems sick, but I like her and Harlan as a couple.

Hopefully, that's what you intended for in the first place :D
2/11/2011 c14 10raped by a female bunni
i have honestly never cried after reading a book before, wanted to but never have, that is until now. there are seriously no words for how i found this story.

and the ending! my god! i wanted to hit something when Alicia read his journal and found out that he wouldnt be put in jail. i was even listening to what i would think is the perfect song for the story, Regina spektor-the calculation, just in case you want to go listen to it.

and yes i do kind of hate you right now but at the same time, it just made the book better. :)


1/16/2011 c14 Freak Of Music
i never thought da ending was gonna be dis way, even though havin it lyk dis makes it more realistic it doesnt stop me from wishin pthrwise and it surly does nt stop me cryin...anywayz congrats dis story rocks (evn though da ending is sad...


Freak Of Music
1/10/2011 c14 Tra-vation
That story was so sweet. The ending is so sad though, I'm kind of crying right now. Poor Harlan.
12/15/2010 c14 Snow Patrol Reference
This was a great story. I honestly enjoyed it, thought the plot flowed really well, and liked the main character. Overall, well written (and great use of an excellent song!).

I just have one main problem: I didn't like how the two friends were villainized just for the sake of the romance between Harlan and Alicia. Katherine and Emily did what they thought was right - they were doing what any normal friend should have done in such a situation where a best friend falls for a psycho. Yes, Harlan was "misunderstood" by society, but they didn't know that, and he didn't do much to make himself a better person, to make up for it. Was it fitting he died? Sure - I commend you for being able to kill him off, as not many authors would have done the same thing. But I think you should have made Katherine and Emily a bit more understandable to the reader, and not as villains; it's amusing to read the reviews and see all of the hatred for them. It's not needed; Harlan was going to die either way.

So yeah, I hope you understand what I mean - and great job! Honestly.
11/29/2010 c14 GingaNinja
aww amazing =) that was such a sad ending though =( but to be quite honest I don't think you could end it any other way or it would've been so clich├ęd =) thumbs up for the awesome story =).x
11/15/2010 c1 mahi
Such a beautiful but tragic story..its good that it had a bitter ending or the story wouldn't feel real..keep writing..
9/10/2010 c14 5AmandaHold
i absolutely loved this story. the ending was sad, but it definitely fit. the way you wrote it made it perfect. i loved harlan and alicia and their chemistry and hated emily and katherine for what they did to alicia. i don't think anything was rushed, for exactly the reasons you said. it was an extreme situation and that made everything else more intense but no less real for them. at the end, when alicia read harlan's journal, i was surprised that he had such strong feelings for her the whole time. he hid it well. in a way, though, i wasn't surprised too. i kept waiting for something to happen to make harlan look bad, for him to actually have raped her or for him to have used alicia as a way of escape. i don't think i would have liked the story as mucch as i do if that had been the case.
8/29/2010 c2 MistressBlack852
this guy is terrifying! but i'm so drawn in!
8/24/2010 c14 pepe
I really liked this story

Giving harlan that bipolarness really gave a nice twist to the story I loved it

You are such a great author I love your work keep it up!

7/23/2010 c14 Shyin56
This was a beautiful story.
5/15/2010 c14 Laina
I cried.
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