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for Harlan's Mansion

1/22/2009 c3 2AlijaS117
I really like this story! It's different from the other stories I've read. please update soon!
1/22/2009 c3 heart.angel
Oh, an excellent chapter! I'm really loving this fast updates! ^^ Oh, what have you done now Harlan? You've intrigued me even more with your death wish! Hm, what is going inside your head?

Love it!

Update soon!

1/22/2009 c3 1GaIn
Ah, more fun. And another escape attempt. Yay. I like the way it played out, though I'm still curious as to why Harlan wants to keep them trapped. Hm. . .

I eagerly await more!
1/21/2009 c2 heart.angel
What an excellent chapter! ^-^ I absolutly ADORE Harlan. Something about the villian always seems to attract me. ;] And he's BA. XD

Anyways, lovely exciting chapter and I can't wait for more! (Which hopefully will be soon and save me from exams. e_e)

Update soon!

1/21/2009 c2 2AlijaS117
good story!
1/21/2009 c2 1GaIn
What on earth is peanut paste? Is it like peanut butter? lol I feel like I should know this, but I don't.

I love the way you brought in Harold. Very funny. And Harlan just keeps getting better and better. I like the way you've portrayed Alicia and her thoughts as well. Very nicely done. And Emily and Katherine are still pretty realistic, too. Their interaction is great. It doesn't seem like Harlan really wants to hurt them, though. I wonder what he's up to. . . Is he really psycho? Or is it something else?

Ah, you've got me so anxious and curious! Great chapter!
1/20/2009 c1 heart.angel
Oh, now this sounds good. (; I think I like Harlan, he sounds quite interesting. XD Great first chapter, I'm actually really excited to see where this goes. It sounds like its going to be great! It somewhat reminds me of my friends and I. XD

Anyways, in simple terms, I really want an update. (:

1/20/2009 c1 GaIn
So far, so good. I love the characters; you really have a knack for creating interesting ones that are very engaging. And your first-person narration is almost flawless!

I have to admit, I never watched all of Blair Witch Project, as all of the shaky camera work made me nauseated and dizzy and such. . . lol

And wow. Harlan's entrance/introduction was so creepy. He's awesome. I wonder why he wants to keep Alicia, Katherine and Emily there. Hm. So many questions. . .

Can't wait for more! I'm definitely favoriting it!
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