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8/8/2011 c6 9Binkybaby
Loved it.
1/17/2010 c6 cobraqueen17
Have you watched GIRAGIRA
9/11/2009 c6 5Jenimi
aw that was so sweet! im liking the character turmoil. Gin is so sweet, this guy, i bet he was a host, i met in osaka was also really sweet, he was riding the hikari star a seat over and talked with me, it was cute cause he was like "thank you so much for speaking with me i like to practice my english and you are very nice" i totally laughed at him cause he'd been like the only person i had spoken to in japan that admitted to that.
9/9/2009 c6 3blankee
i have this in my alert but it seems i missed it... nwei... great chappie!
9/3/2009 c6 1StarEyed14
hey! you're back! lol

great chapter, can't wait for the next one :)
9/1/2009 c6 6NiteDreamer
what a cute and sad moment. I'm glad you found a job and got your first paycheck! Until next time.
7/18/2009 c5 tesuka- chan
wah! BITIN! @_@

poor camr- I mean, Danica. Hehehe. Hohum... can't wait for the NEXT chapter. Gimme some action! woot woot!

7/13/2009 c5 1sherbetsi
Great to have another chapter from this. I was beginning to wonder..

Great stuff! Cant wait til the next to see how this all goes.

Sian x
7/9/2009 c5 3blankee
shoot i love this..yeah my cheeks are burning too, !


(who's speechless now so she couldn't write a better review but promises she will later)
7/7/2009 c1 blankee
amazing start for a story...i love your descriptions...it just...fit...

and i would love to draw your characters...er...if you like...

7/3/2009 c4 1StarEyed14
lol this is really cute! continue?
4/24/2009 c4 tesuka- chan
if this was a manga, there would be a LOT of eyecandy! Hahahaha! ^_^

Good luck with your application dearie! :D
3/30/2009 c1 The Concept of Breathing
I really do love this idea. I have to say, it caught my attention right away. I like how the chapter ended as well, kind of left me wondering. Great job!
3/29/2009 c4 6NiteDreamer
i love all the sexual tension! =P
3/29/2009 c4 5Jenimi
another great chapter! Good Luck getting into the monbukagakushou program!
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