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3/1/2009 c3 cobraqueen17
I usually read mostly slash but this story just peeked my intrest and I'm glad that I desired to read it for it seems that it is going to be very entertaining.
2/21/2009 c3 6NiteDreamer
I'm excited to see what happens to the characters. =)
2/20/2009 c3 Kris
He sounds so sexy, I wanted to close my eyes to try and control the hotness overload, hahahaha
2/19/2009 c3 5Jenimi
well this will be interesting, im not entirely sure how the host thingy works but i cant wait to see how far you'll take it, odd that they'll be living together right off the bat. cute thing about the silver though, i remember on my trip to tokyo, sitting on the train and watching these drop-dead-gorgeous men with wicked hair and designer everything, walking around like normal. talk about intense, i even went so far to walk up and ask one of them the time, yeah in japanese, choppy and shitty, but hell im foreign, and basically the guy was really nice he pointed out the tv screen on the train that switched between japanese and english and that there was a clock as well, he even tried to say the time in english as it flashed onto the screen, well i felt sheepy and his friends laughed but this older lady took pity on me and gave me a sweet and a smile. i'll never forget that, he was totally "untameably" hot!
2/19/2009 c3 1sherbetsi
HA thus seriously gets better and better! Can't wait for more now that its really heating up. XD

sian x
2/11/2009 c2 kris
That girl is you! Hahahaha!
1/27/2009 c1 5Jenimi
sounds sweet so far, i cant wait to read more! its great that your branching out, oh i understand that in Japanese father is pronounced with an o as in otousan but also as chichi, but im going to assume that in today's setting its modern to omit it...

anywho, good luck, i'll be waiting for the next chapter!
1/25/2009 c1 kris
DUDE! I LOVE IT! hahaha, this story is so good, if it's even possible, you've gotten better! hahahaha! You used to have this habit of making everyone talk the same way, but man, this is great! I hope you finish it!
1/23/2009 c1 6NiteDreamer
This was an interesting first chapter. I am excited to see future chapters and I am so glad to see you're writing again!
1/22/2009 c1 tesuka- chan
wah camry! A new fic! *huggles*

I love it! I've been reading a lot of manga online lately (most of it josei) and this kind of has that feeling when I read it. It's very easy to imagine the scenes and I supposed your actual spatial experience added to that. Nicely done dear! ^_^

Can't wait to read more! Ja! :D

p.s. I wonder when I'll get the privilege of reading your thesis work...? *hm*
1/21/2009 c1 zoule
Oh this looks good! All of the characters seem interesting.
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