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2/22/2019 c3 zagato
This is cool, thanks.
9/3/2018 c3 Acie
Uh, i think his father is 36, and Blaise is 25. Are we not going to talk about the fact he must have been convinced when his father was 11?
11/15/2013 c19 2PaintedPicture
After reading many different stories you start to feel as if they're all the same at one point. You read the summaries and think, just another this.. Just another That...

I did that when I read this storys summary, maybe it is my own masochistic ways of being disappointed by every story being the same. However, I was sorely mistaken, and for that I'm thankful that I decided to read your story, it was along the same plot lines as a rags to riches story, but different, and I so love different. Maybe I do it because I hope for a story to be different?

You know, there was one flaw that didn't sit well with me. I was thinking it would be interesting for you to write a story on albin and his brothers after everything and see that albin finds love. As weird as it sounds, I feel as that what they did was out of desperation. That they did what was necessary to survive. It can't be easy to survive in such a place that is unforgiving for the poor. And that is what didn't sit with me. I don't think their story would fit well as a rags to riches, considering the fact that it would be a woman saving him and although I'm not opposed to a female hero I don't think albin would allow such things.

Keep up the good work lovely!
2/20/2013 c19 Mihoro
Really great story, though I'm upset that it's over. :( Blaise and Eliza are such a cute couple, I love the development between them.
Thank you for writing it, this was an amazing read. XD
2/19/2013 c19 Prodigee123
hope you win, and loved this story
2/18/2013 c7 Prodigee123
really good
2/18/2013 c2 Prodigee123
her mother was bertha! i knew it
12/31/2012 c19 16MadamWriterGal
I didn't think I would enjoy a story about Blaise (especially since I hated him so much in the first story) but this story made me love his character! It was a very well written tale if I may say so. I can't say I am a fan of Eliza's character though. She is the type of woman I despise; the type who bats her eyes and uses her charms to get what she wants. I mean sure, she has her redeeming qualities but lets just say that if the chick was in my life, she would be one of those chicks I avoided like the plague because she would try to kill me or something if I became friends with her husband. Yes, I am speaking from experience. Blaise on the other hand, I enjoyed. My favorite part was when he sent that whinny 'harlot' away. I was like YES you can take me instead hotty! Woot. Clears throat. Anyway, I loved every character in this story besides Eliza who reminds me of this crazy chick I used to know (no fault of the author). The story was very well done, and though I would have preferred Eliza to reap what she sowed I was satisfied *enough* with the ending. Can't wait to see more from you.
3/24/2011 c19 sweetpea265
:) Really liked this story. I thought it had a very cute ending.
2/24/2010 c3 complications
Hey, I love this. I read Lady thief as well and thought it would be ingenious. I would love it if Eliza was Williams daughter, because she would still not be a blood relative to blaise.

The only thing is, that I thought it was unnecessary for you to explain the background so soon. A little mystery never hurt anyone.
9/3/2009 c1 1StarEyed14
i love all of your stories and I'm so excited to read this one!
7/19/2009 c19 xMunchy
7/19/2009 c11 xMunchy
As I said in my review for your previous story, as good as Lisa Kleypas herself! I mean, if my sisters and cousin watched me reading this, they would consider me an idiot. The way I smile, say "Oh god" with a shaky breath, and the way I rock back and forth with dread and excitement. You, my friend, are/is a master of romance.
7/6/2009 c19 reader
AWW, SOO CUTE. This story is great! Perfect drama; I love it!
6/16/2009 c14 lovetowonder
you, yet again, outdid yourself =D

awesome story!
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