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for The Violet and the Tom

9/11 c1 side eye queen
5/23 c1 liliy
OMG! This chap is so FINEEEEEE! i so recomend it!
3/26 c1 ongfrfrnocap
this shit was ass ngl like wtf u doin bru i fr ong cringed reading thru this and i cant even spell
1/9 c1 Brodie York
It is really good
11/14/2022 c1 Guest
7/30/2022 c25 Guest
5/26/2022 c1 Zainab Syed
chapter 1
9/30/2021 c1 Guest
5/16/2021 c25 Habine
Oh that was an amazing read, thank you so much :-)
I also love that it's a happy end despite all the nice, angsty stuff in between 3
5/16/2021 c23 Habine
I nearly had a heart attack when I read this chapter. I kept jumping up and talking to myself before sitting down to read on
5/14/2021 c12 Habine
Aaaaaaaargh 3 3 Love this! Also love the hints you make, that this is written from some point in the future and they are still doing those military puzzles together in the evening.
5/14/2021 c11 Habine
So, first things first, the last chapter was GOLD but I forgot to review it...too eager to read on

Then you fucking made me cry at the beginning of this chapter, which was nice. I like it when emotions come across in books. You're an amazing author.
And then the end of this chapter ...argh! I need to sleep but I need to read further more. And I really, really hope he's not a closed-off asshole the next morning or I will be seriously pissed -.- :-D
5/14/2021 c7 Habine
I'm just commenting to say that I love the author's note on this. Feel you :-) I love your story until now. It's half 1 in the night and I have to get up at 8, that's how much I love it
4/8/2021 c25 1Dragonanzar
Wow...this...I have no words. Or rather, I do, but they compare rather unfavourably with the magnificence that is this story :D Have you tried to publish this? Because if not, you should - it's significantly better than a whole load of published stories I've read.

So, to the story. I loved the characters. The main ones, of course, but also a whole load of the side ones. I loved Prince Arich with his sardonic, slightly cynical attitude that so suited a crown prince in the world you created. I loved Graff - his cheeky, reliable kindness. Karmin...I was sad when he died, but I agree that it had to happen. I'm glad that you didn't draw it out. Fionn, another character I really liked - his devotion to Nygell, even when he was whipping the man almost bloody. That heart-felt 'finally'...I really felt his exasperation and relief at that point. And honestly, he was absolutely integral to the shift in the main relationship, so I love him just for that. Although, on that note, I wonder if Karmin actually had an inkling about Nygell's true inclinations...

Now, the main characters. These were masterfully created. Obviously, we learn most about Sylvan since the whole story is told through his eyes, but the way you wove Nygell's character so well despite that first-person narrative was impressive. I had a suspicion fairly early on about Nygell's true desires through the hints you were letting drop which, of course, Sylvan didn't pick up as he was blinded by his own expectations and world-view. That's the kind of thing that made this story so fantastic - that for the most part, the characterisation was hinted at more than outright stated. I loved the transition of slave to master and master to slave, culminating in this final epilogue where the play is in front of others' eyes.

And I do say 'play', because Sylvan was completely correct when he said that what they did behind closed doors was not truly slavery: that a slave did not have the option of calling an end should events turn in a direction he was not comfortable with. The cold, harsh truth of slavery that Sylvan lived from childhood was that of having no choice. The whole part where his trainers did their best to destroy his natural inclination to be dominant is clear proof of that, as is the whole situation at the start of the book where he can hope, but should he be bought by someone he doesn't find pleasing, he must nevertheless behave in the same way as with a master whom he adores. What lies between Sylvan and Nygell will never be, and should never be that.

In short, I loved the story, and in fact couldn't go to sleep last night until I finished it ;) Although I will admit to not exactly knowing where to place the events in real history - and in fact found it a little jarring to have real place names being used when the story had more of a feel of a fantasy background - the world you created was rich and colourful. I loved your characterisation, and I definitely loved the way you covered the thorny theme of institutional slavery. This latter has always been a fascinating topic for me - enough to write my own story about it ;) and I loved how you wrote about it.

Thanks so much for writing!
1/11/2021 c2 rat
I hate it, it is the WORST
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