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9/13/2013 c1 13Crimson613
out of curiosity, is the next chapter another book?
7/16/2013 c1 Iceleaf
I would like to read this Sovereign.
How would I find it?
9/9/2012 c1 3AJ Garcia
Hello:) I was wanting to finish this story, so I typed in your link (with no spaces) and it brought me to a blank page. :/ Is this story still posted under lulu?
3/26/2011 c44 1Angel-Leigh Jones

I like alot. Very powerful beginning. I can't wait to read the rest.

3/19/2011 c43 11Sakiru Yume
I liked it. I couldn't remember most of the characters mentioned in this one, but I liked it. Who's Shara? And congratulations for finishing it.
3/17/2011 c43 1Angel-Leigh Jones

yay it's finished. Well done. Congrats. I loved the whole thing and i know i am goign to re-read it again from start to finish.

3/17/2011 c42 Angel-Leigh Jones

long time no hear. We need to catch up. So much has changed since we last talked. My fault entirely. SOrry about that.

Wow this was great. I loved reading every second of it. I am glad that you stuck with it and kept rewriting. Well done Steph too for keeping to your guns.

Can't wait to read your next story about Regent.

3/4/2011 c1 1StoryMonster
Regent seems to be pretty straightforward - a headstrong, no-nonsense kind of a person.

Excellent imagery with the opening, and I didn't even find any grammar mistakes - great job !

12/29/2010 c41 Cory Sparks
this is a great climax I loved it and it was awsome. The only thing was, I'm sorry, but I didn't like how magellan and his father killed the evil queen. I'm sorry but it seemed like she had worked so hard and gone through so much just to have Magellan and someone else do what she had set out to do from the start. I think what should have happened is Magellan through the knife through the queens shin stuning her and allowing sovryn to through the final strike. You could even have the queen standing over her ready to strike when magellan stuns her. Any way It's still a great chapter. When are you going to post more. I want to read more of your awsome books
12/29/2010 c40 Cory Sparks
personaly I'm glad jorn is dead. It's just their can't be 2 guys in her life and I like Magellan better any way. but any way nice job its very well writen and I like how the story has played out :D :) :p
8/22/2010 c40 AndItMovesUsAll
Oh yeah i just remembered what i wanted to say when reading this: The setting of this story confused me a little bit because in the prologue it seems to be set in a quite old time with no technolgy and then the second chapter is set in the city so i found myself backtracking a little bit because it was confusing. I know this is because its set in two different places, but Incendia was confusing in this way, i found it hard to picture it in my mind because of the mix of old and new. I know that it was youre intention to have this mix (eg coffee is drank but horse are used) but i think that its the only thing that needs improvement, maybe a little bit more descrition or explanation of the place itself.

Also the story summary drew me in and compelled me to read this, but now ive read the story, it doesnt seem to go with it, just the situation it puts into your mind is not what the story is about, its only one fleeting moment that shes afraid for regent, but the summary suggests that the story will be about the protagonist protecting a child or a man protecting a women.

Wow that was more than i expected to say, (now i really have to go!) but its really only a little bit of critisism, i really loved the story. :D
8/22/2010 c41 AndItMovesUsAll
This is the best fantasy ive read in ages! The ideas youve come up with are genius, the air manipulation in particuler, was cleverly done, and you really thought each gift through, making them so real and the whole world so real to read. All of your characters have great depth and it was so easy to fall into the romance aspect of the story, i liked that there was the issues with Jorn as well, it made it more realistic and interesting to read. Sorry my reviews not longer, im a bit busy right now, but 10 out of 10 for great fantasy epic, cant wait to read more of yours!
8/21/2010 c41 5S. N. Sedivec
I'm back!

I loved this chapter. It summed everything up really well. I am super exicted for the next! (but also a little sad because we are soo close to the end.)

I like especially that you showed Sovryn's weaknesses.

Missed this story a ton. It feels good to review again.

8/2/2010 c41 2Krowhop
I really liked this chapter. The interaction between the sisters was just right, I think-a good amount of detail, and a good amount of action. I really liked that some of the men came back into the room, it seems right for the kind of culture you were trying to convey. The only thing that I would add or change, is when Magellan is leaving the 'throne room', would be to have him do a physical movement to show that he is keeping sovryn from seeing her sister's body. Otherwise, it is great!
8/2/2010 c41 Blondiej1
It's not too hard to take time out of my busy life because it's not so busy right now, and this story has been a great escape for me, and a great distraction from what I've been going through so I have to say thank you.

This chapter, too long? I don't think that you could have written it any differently with out it being a totally different effect on the entire story. Wow I really don't know what to say it was not what I expected but it was better and more well done than I could have ever done! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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