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3/27/2009 c5 Fractured Illusion
"Not even Bender appeared to be hanging around,"

Cuz she is getting STALKED by her boyfriend, that's why XD

"(this creak might once have been for dramatic purposes, but in all honesty there are a lot of problems in the RG, lack of oil for the hinges was the least of its worries)."

OMFG love! XD

"“Hmm. I think I approve of you.”"

Pft! Lime is totally OOC! She wouldn't approve so hastily to someone that dares to confront her! BFF GROWL!


Aside from that though, she is in character :) Love her entrance, booyah!

"There was a chuckle. “You’re just misunderstood then?”"

Ah Lime is so clever :3

"A nod, and even if Noob hadn’t expected the nod to come from the kitty itself, he took it as a yes"

OMFG double love! XD

"“Stop wasting my time, I’m very busy and important!”"

Lawl XD Very true. Go Mini!

"I don’t need newbies gawping at me "

Gawking? Or maybe gawping is a word, because my spellcheck isnt red-marking it...yeah Ima have to check it out later :P

Lovely chapter :P

Going to the execution naow!

3/26/2009 c6 13gigglebug
*is kinda sad she's not in this...*
3/26/2009 c7 13VelvetyCheerio
OMG! That was the best execution I never witnessed! XD

Bwahahaha! So typical of Corp to want to save you in some chivalrous(?) way, esp. with his odd way of speaking. ;p Sesshy is so mean in your story! And he had to be in the basement with you, I still wonder why he was so eager to behead you... O.o

XD rofl. ["Reggy darling, we don't blindfold her yet"] I was crackin' up too hard.

[Beatles gasped.

“No,” Frac said bluntly. “You have potential.”

Beatles groaned.] *dies* XD

Well, obviously killing BB is a bad idea for RG. XD Aww, but we love you so much! :D Argh! Too think only one more more chapter and then epilogue... *glares* You know why.

Fang. :D
3/26/2009 c6 VelvetyCheerio
Ahahaha! Sesshy the Traitor! Beatles understands! XD Oh, I'm sorry, even though it was your execution, it was too much! I love Frac's anger! Esp. how she burst into OT like that, I could just see an enraged, out of breath Frac standing in the doorway with pure malice in her eyes. XD

Yeah, how did Beatles know it was Noob...? XD

["Holycrapdon'tkillmeIwanttolive"] rofl. Poor, poor Beatles. XD

Aww man, I wanted to see more Corp killing-ness...next chapter? Must find out. Good chapter! :D

3/26/2009 c7 5karma-dollie

Oh Beatles. You never fail to amuse. Heehee! And you gave me my flowers! Yay! And my spinelessness! Yay...? Haha! I like how Noob is incorporated into the happenings of OT so well and I love the touch of adding his sudden divine abilities of opening the door by writing it. Fabulous, hun! Can't wait for more!

3/26/2009 c7 Galadriel1010
Beatles! *Sobs*

I don't know whether you've done a Captain Jack or a Jesus there.

And now I'm going to go sing the Crucifixion, and I will have this in my mind all night. I'll be so amused I'll have to come traumatise you tonight

I hope you're happy :p

3/26/2009 c6 Galadriel1010
No! Beatles!

On the other hand, I recommend a silver bullet to the corotid artery. Slow and painful, guaranteed to kill even vampires and werewolves. Mind you, if someone helps you you'll survive ;)


3/26/2009 c7 13Nicki BluIs
Ew. Some how I never thought a beheadin could be so... graphic. *shudder*

[She started, “Zion, I love yo-”]

Ahem! I don't remember that happening, missy! Way I remember it you were makin the goo goo eyes at Corp and his magic tree or something... I know all about creative liscence but distorting the facts to cover up your tordid affair? Shame shame...

Oh, but I love Sesshy's enthusiasm to kill you. Very nice.

Bubbltasitc :P
3/26/2009 c6 Nicki BluIs
I wanna know what Frac "wouldn't" do! Who knew the Moddess had boundries?

[blah blah span around... hiding place] it should be spun not span... unless that's a brit thing.

I also am amuzed that Bee was able to give Noob the power via the writing... there was a movie like that but i forget what its called...

Corrolary: who the hell runs away from Reggy? No one can resist the hot god bod! HAIL!

Bubbles :P
3/23/2009 c5 Left FP
Brilliant fifth chapter, Beatles. *smiles at the fic*

So, Noob has to do his first easy fix reviews...that ought to be interesting!

I loved Lime and her cat...Mini comes across as the pocket-size powerhouse. JOB WELL DONE.

Since, I suck at grammar...no point of me trying to search for them even.

I cracked up, when Noob tells Lime she's full of herself. I wouldn't dare say it to someone holding a cat.


Good work, capturing the characters of all the RGrs!

Can't wait for the next chapters.

Continue writing.

Love, Bender.

P.S. - Do I get a virtual marriage with Noob at least? *winks*
3/21/2009 c5 Galadriel1010
Ah ha! Finally I understand the Game!

You love me really ;)

3/21/2009 c5 13VelvetyCheerio
Yes! New chapter! :D

The creaking door had me, and then the insanity continued to ensue. XD Lime! Aahh! And she has a Mr. Bigglesworth type cat. :D Who understands english. XD I love it! More Limecat!

Bwaha! Mini is extra mini. :D And extra bossy! XD And extra strong! O.O Oh my gosh, I need more of this for vital functioning! xD

"but giving less that this is." Less than that, I believe.

You must write more for Fang! :D It brings more smilies to her face than usual and in my case, that is good. :D See? :D:D:D

Fang. :D
3/3/2009 c4 VelvetyCheerio
The ending was pure hilariousness. XD Oh, you poor, poor thing Beatles. Gettin' picked on for bringing the 'Twilight plague'. XD Kylie came in with a bazooka once? That's too much. :D We! Me wants more to read as soon as humanly possilble! :) kthxbai

3/3/2009 c3 VelvetyCheerio
XD! Oh, Moddess, what would do without you. :D Aww, Noob and Bender... Aw. :D Too cute. Must add to alerts and favorites at once...
3/3/2009 c2 VelvetyCheerio
Aha, aha ahahahahaha! I love how the alerts work in the color, too funny. You portray Frac perfectly. Hill billy Frac! XD This is making my face hurt from smiling so much. :D

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