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for The Other Side of Hate

6/19/2012 c1 5The Infinity
This is one of my favorite stories ever.

I love the details and imagery of Sheva's clothing and appearance, it gives the story a poetic edge.

I love the fight for dominance between both of them. (Who doesn't love some great, gay smut?)

I love the feelings they just discover that have been there for a long time.

I wish it never ended!

Much love,

Lil' Monster
8/30/2011 c1 2NormaJean Beausoleil
nice oneshot. very interesting power play. great job!
6/26/2011 c1 8Yellow Cotton Hat

11/3/2010 c1 jayanx
It always amazes me how much story a good writer can pack into one of these one shots. This one gave me such a clear idea of who the characters were without ever really coming out and decribing them, and I love that.
1/30/2010 c1 Shalimar148
I think I held my breath through the whole story. If you ever want to expand it, more background on the narrator would be good. Really liked it.
10/24/2009 c1 7Sunshine Bear
Whose your daddy now, bitch?

I thought one of them was going to say that...

They didn't.

I felt cheated.

I'm over it now though.
6/2/2009 c1 Sunny
I like this! : D

oh so very different.

The characters were terribly amusing.

Oh and also:

brownie points for using the name Sheva.
5/29/2009 c1 2transitionofthe
Whoa. That about much covers it. Whoa.
5/9/2009 c1 6FXRG
That was really, really hot. Gotta love the hate/love thing :3 And I like the dynamic of their relationship, especially the struggle for control. Yum.
4/9/2009 c1 artmagus
i would love to see Sheva point of view! i really liked your story
2/4/2009 c1 cobraqueen17
It's always about control. ^_^
2/2/2009 c1 koerle
Great story, really! I think this story is hot and sweet at the same time. Or should I say intriguing?

This really was an enjoyable read!

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